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some of that code is being placed by the server. As it stands now, IE11 and Firefox show the image; however, Chrome does not.

I don’t understand why this extra code is being placed in my coding. I went to check it yesterday and it added {c} in many places. I’m thinking it’s the host that is messing me up. I thought I had to link to my home page, then have the user click the about me. I saw this response in a different post. The post stated, you cannot just go to the linked page, you have to go to the original location first.

I am new to programming and truly wish I had just attended a tech school instead of a 4-year.

And here: I know there’s no styling, that’s the issue, for some reason it’s not linking my style sheet. I have asked my host to answer some of my questions; their response was “It’s beyond our scope.” Even editing the style sheets and JavaScript fail to load the page.

I’m going to delete the whole thing and start again. Maybe I can stop the server from adding the extra codes. Anyone have any idea why their server would do that? I did notice their server’s code is using HTML 3 and I am coding HTML5

I can post later if I can find how I located that. I assumed building a website should be just as easy as creating the pages in File Explorer and then uploading to the server. That is obviously unsound and invalid arguments.