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Ok, still tweaking this one, but I got a working solution now, but only so far as “combining”

Like if I use classA with background, classB with color and then in a third example combine these two into this:

/*The ones that support me*/
.ft-staff-supporter  ~ a { 
background-color:#cdcdcd !important;

/*The ones I support*/
.ft-staff-supported  ~ a { 
color:blue !important;

/*The ones I support AND support me back*/
.ft-staff-supporter.ft-staff-supported  ~ a { 
color:blue !important;
background-color:#cdcdcd !important;

This works!
Supporting teams has a gray bg.
Supported teams has a blue color
Both-way-teams has gray bg AND blue color.
I can’t get it to work the way I intended from the start.

Maybe this one is the only way I will get it to work?