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Thank-you @michaellee!

Adding http:// to my src links loads the images in my pen.

Now when I click the Enter button, it takes me to some where else on the interwebz. In my production environment, now clicking “Enter” descends a directory featuring more content.

I do thank-you michaellee for giving me a clue for my most important question (#3) instead of fixing it for me because I learn more this way. So I shuffled the centerer class element from your pen to underneath my inner-wrap class element. I immediately noticed that thhe top and left values of 50% don’t center the Enter box and welcome message very nicely. I experimented with different values and settled with top:30% and left: 20%. This works OK. If you pinch the browser window size to emulate smaller screens like mobile devices, the spacing between the Enter button is off slightly. I remedied this spacing inadequacy by adding two line breaks above my h2 element in my markup. This is just a quick fix. I suppose there is probably a more elegant solution to be had with css. What would you recommend? Could you or someone else provide another helpful hint or nudge in the right direction?

Here is my pen with all my changes: