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Thanks for the reply @Senff much appreciated.
The Waypoint library isn’t loaded before, no – but another Waypoint action works fine even like this, and changing it hasn’t fixed the problem on its own sadly.

I Have found that I can add as many…

var waypoint_coachingsection3 = new Waypoint({
  element: document.getElementsByClassName('coaching-section-3'),
  handler: function(direction) {
      if (direction === 'down') {
      if (direction === 'up') {

…as I like and the code the Waypoints code works, although any unrelated jQuery below or above this code fails.

I also found if I add other of these code blocks for elements on other pages, the Waypoint code blocks for the other pages below the top code fail!

Also, I found this as the only (related) console error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined – jquery.waypoints.min.js:7

Any ideas please – thanks so much!