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Looks like applying momentum scrolling is supported from iOS 5 and Android 4.1 on. So that’s pretty good support by now.

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, maybe we could reintroduce that default setting I ripped out earlier? I’m thinking that was a circumstantial glitch and that it ought to work on a separate page.

Only checking for screen size wouldn’t be enough for this though (there’s an overlap with desktop and tablets) but combined with a check for touch support I see no reason for it not to work for the majority of cases. But there’s trouble to expect with a desktop machine that has a trackpad because you can’t predict if the user will use touch or mouse. I’ll have to contemplate a bit on if this could be reasonably solved.

I’ve been playing with the idea to create an inertia dragging script before but that might take a while to complete (so that’s really not too relevant). The user would probably appreciate the native behaviour anyway though because it’ll save battery usage when executing less script.