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Well, I’m not one to talk too much (just learning responsive code right now myself),
But here goes: I like how the elements in the dark tan area w/ icons changes as you shrink the viewport, I think you have the breakpoints right there. I do think from a design standpoint you should loose the round corner box w/ drop shadow and mimic the style of the bold straight corner boxes that fill the width of the page in the top nav/header area.
Also the 3 main columns below seem to pop to one column way to early to me. Can you make that go to 2 first (which means one is below them I guess) I, personally don’t mind 3 columns shrinking down to be pretty narrow before it changes.

Also I noticed the images in the slider have some imbedded copy. I’m assuming this is just your fpo & still in progress work, but since those images scale, it doesn’t look too good to see them shrink down and be real tiny. That image should probably just stay 100% -I see what looks like your html headline–but just on the 2nd slide. Looks like you just need to copy that place holder text in the other slides of your carousel for now. The question to me would be how to deal w/ the headline and carousel at the mobile size. Maybe it just goes away so you can make all that navigation the priority.
There’s my 2-cents–great start though on the site!