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Well its as simple as noodles ;) You said you want to learn something new then do that if you know PHP use Rails if you know Rails use PHP if you are fedup (or know) both use ASP or a full scale JS Application.

I heard of OPA [] sometime back or you can just use Ruby or Python or combine some of them … hmmm am I just talking nuts or confusing you, anyways I personally am a PHP/MySql Developer and can say I have some experience i like developing in PHP as I find it easy and non-strict and hence can do anything.

Well if you really are up for suggestions then why dont you focus more on front end by making it something like 3D or Voice Control, Touch Friendly with auto touch recognition or user passwords with retinal scan [ok, I am not sure if it is possible just yet].

Well I am full of Ideas and suggestion and let me know if you wanna hear more and might i just just Whisper (AI) ;)

Have a great day or night whatever.