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Guess you’ve been busy.

I think I’ve decided to go with the zipping the images then downloading the single zip file way as you suggested.

Been working on some code.

Strangely I’ve gotten it to work if I hard code the file names to be zipped then execute the php script directly but I cannot get it to work with having Javascript pass the file names to the php script which zips then downloads. It zips correctly but fails to download. Have no idea why it’s failing. I’ve confirmed I’m getting the correct file list in the same way as my hard code. I assumed it would work because it’s only one download request.

I’ll probably post the code tomorrow as it’s late and I’m beat.
Alternatively I may try to have the zipping php script pass off the zip file name to be downloaded to a download php script and see if that works but I wouldn’t think I’d have to do that.

Might start a new thread as it’s a new problem and nobody else is contributing.

So far the hardest part about web coding is finding out what I need to know in order to do the job correctly.

Being a newbie and suffering these issues makes me want to write a book after I know what I’m doing.
Doesn’t seem like anyone has written a book that tells newbies like me proper procedure and limitations of web coding.

Thanks for the help!