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What does it mean by “anonymous”? I just signed up! (?)
What can I do for you to see the code?

I can see the code just fine. And yes, that’s exactly what I was asking for.

It says “anonymous” because you either don’t have a codepen account, or you weren’t signed in when you created that pen. It’s not really a problem.

I need a table like this figure:

First, give the cells a max-width and height. The width should be one line-height (since we’re rotating), and the height is {some magic number} big enough for the longest word.

Then, add a transform-origin to the .rotate div so it rotates from the top left instead of the center, and give it relative positioning so we can pull it back down and center the rotated element it vertically.

All changes are in the last two selector blocks. Only checked the results in FireFox.

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