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…because I didn’t use jQuery

I know. You’re a badass like that. I was talking about the overall structure. Looks like a bit of a different approach but it seems more refined to me.

I’m always down to incorporate Vanilla JS where I can. I’m not as fast with it though because I don’t know as much about DOM manipulation with it.

If you needed compatibility with IE < 9, for example.

I don’t. But… that doesn’t mean I necessarily WANT to use jQuery. I’ll feel out both options. I’ll keep and expand on your logic though because I like the way you handled states.

Looks just fine, I thought.

Seems crazy wide to me when on full screen. But… that’s easy enough to fix. Could prove to be awkward depending on how I implement steppers.

My biggest concern is that when the user moves beyond the root level… we’re setting root to display:none. Therefore, I have questions about whether or not the submit button is actually going to submit the root with the given branch. Maybe we could cache it somehow?