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Mikko Laine

make it bigger
make the loop more open (S bottom) so that it looks more like an S. maybe shorten the top loop a bit and move that star

designer & developer
change the typeface. try it with something like futura (all caps, add letter spacing (100-200) and make it smaller)

just an idea.

you should try it with different shapes as well…
how does the SW* look in a circle? triangle? square? what if it’s like this: (replace that dude with SW*, layout apparel with design and ultimate…. with developer. and use same font size… or not)
what if the SW* in that is so big that it goes over the circle? (slightly)
what if …

just try different things. even when you like something you’ve already made. (you might come up with an idea that makes the logo better in some way)