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This isn’t working. I tried this code but it didnt work either.

You need to be more specific. “It doesn’t work” is useless information —of course it doesn’t work; that’s why you’re asking for help. Instead, tell us:

  • what do you want to happen
  • what you did
  • what happened instead

Especially for that middle part, be as descriptive and specific as possible. For example,

the plublic_html directory

Is that a typo?

RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)$$1

What are you trying to accomplish with this code? why did you make these changes?

I have my htaccess file in the plublic_html directory, and my parked domain filesystem, where i want to change the url. Done i try linking the index.php file to its actual location?

I don’t know what this means at all.

Take your time when writing your comments, and proofread them before posting.

If you are not fluent with English, see if you can find someone who can help translate. You might also tell us what your native language is, in case anyone here speaks it.