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Right I see what you’re trying to do, however your site has no media queries built into it. Essentially from your original posting, you are not using a responsive grid.

Sorry shaneisme but I think you are missing my point here, my problem is that I am trying to add the first break point and write a media query for this due to the previously described problem. The break point will be @media screen and (max-width: 1004px)

I’m not sure if this looks like a weird break point but from a few tutorials that I have read I have been encouraged to add break points where the layout starts to break and not tailor my breakpoints to specific device resolutions such as ipad or small android phones.

As for not using a responsive grid, I disagree with that. The grid that I am using I wrote myself but was heavily influenced by another tutorial and grid system that I seen @

Here is my codepen to show the grid I am using Grid codepen