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I love Vice’s documentaries. I can’t believe they go as far as to actually take drugs.

I would posit that they already take drugs and lie about the fact that they don’t. They have an obscene fascination with coke and being based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… that’s not surprising… nor would I be surprised to find out they do coke on the reg.

Although, I saw this short doc about a drug in Columbia that’s used to control people. You basically blow the TINIEST bit of powder in someone’s face and they’ll do whatever you want basically. They have no self control. The camera crew was totally fine with some rando Columbian street dude showing them the powder. How did they know they weren’t going to get it blown in their face?!?!

I remember seeing it in College and being like WTF?

Yeah, true story. My sensibilities are a bit different now that I’m a grown-up. But… if you’re offending/shocking crass college kids… that’s pretty bad.