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Thanks for the reply. Sorry, my post is kind of unclear, essentially what I’m saying is that up until this point all mobile devices have used the same way of measuring resolution, and as resolution increased only pixel density has changed. For instance, a non-retina iPhone and a retina iPhone both have the same width resolution (320).

This new tablet seems to ignore pixel density. So, a width resolution that, on another device, would be seen as 800 pixels with a 2x pixel density, is simply seen as having a width resolution of 1600 pixels. This is making it hard to target with media queries.

This is concerning to me, as using this different way of defining device resolution seems to have the potential to undermine how responsive design and media queries are currently handled. There’s probably a reasonable solution (or something I’m just overlooking, or this device may just be an anomaly), but I wanted to present the question because virtually everyone who uses this board is much smarter than I am and might have already run into this.