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Wow- thanks for that Paulie D! You did fix my bare code example however the fixes that you’ve applied won’t work on my site.

I’m using susy, compass and sass.

I’m using Susy to specify the width – so i need to use the basis of the code I posted in order to make the horizontal bars width span 100%. I.E. Horizontal bars that function outside of the susy container however- still tied in with the div’s of my main site.

Here is my site

I’m struggling with the bit around Your Brand- I’m trying to make the colour of the tile span the full width of the page, although here i have set it to green so that you can see it.

The code collapses when I try and make the horizontal bars span the section of summary and details within a nested div.

I hope I am being clear enough about explaining it. I’d be overjoyed if I could fix this problem as I don’t know what else to try.