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I’m right handed, but hold the phone mostly in my left. When I’m tapping/clicking, I get my other hand involved 99.99% of the time. OMG (UX people shouting) you made him move his other hand, bad boy, you DEV! BAD! But seriously,

Shifting layout around (moving menu to the side, etc), to accommodate other content, is something I’ve been thinking about for my current project. Public service type. Mostly just people hunting for information. I think it works. But nooooo let’s have,

Fixed menus that cover half of my mobile view just so you can put the freaking hamburger menu there, and that fancy little sidebar animation, wow…. fakYu, also…

Whether you use icon or text or hamburger, doesn’t really matter. It all comes down to communication. If icon communicates what you’re after then use it, I don’t think there’s right or wrong. We can have a lot of assumptions, but can also test these things out. Perfect scenario to up sell. Do some A/B testing. Icons vs. Text. And let’s party.