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Thanks for your suggestions above. I will look into them. I would like to stress there are no malicious intentions here. Let me go into more detail. We have an application by which users can book reservations online. We abandoned the safe button as a design principle because we don’t want to bother our users with superfluous clicks. Just checking a checkbox should be enough to write the reservation into our database. All fine so far. But some users use their browser back button after making a reservation and respond positively to the browser message “Do you want to reload the previous page?” and then later blame us for our system to fail in storing their reservation. Our only defense is to explain NOT to use the browser back button again but use our in-system back button instead. To get rid off this problem for once and for ever we would like to shut off browser navigation. I feel The Doc’s solution (or Codepen?) could be an improvement. But even better would be to turn the browser navi buttons into ghosted…. Suggestions are welcomed. I will keep you posted.