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Greetings Paulob,

Great to hear from you again!

So, I was on target that the differences in the coding are what caused the button in the first example to not function on the contact page!? I had eliminated all other possibilities, I thought, by stripping everything out of the original until only the button and its function remained. After having applied that basic styling to the coding of the contact page and seeing it still did not function, the only other component of the equation, in my mind, was the coding in the page elsewhere. I‘m just not at a point to know what to do to remedy many of these occurrences.

I really appreciate your reply as it has also broadened my understanding of the :focus pseudo class. Whenever someone replies to me I Google what they have added in order to try to understand what the coding does.

Would you happen to have a solution to applying a gradient to the select button for the email list? I’ve Googled it to death and it appears there were some work arounds that ceased to work after the last Firefox update. The only thing I’ve found that works is this, but it’s really an un-preferred way to go for me and would rather just leave the button in its default style if there is no other solution.

Many Thanks!