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Okay, let’s move on to validating the form submission.
(Remember our validate() method?)

If you recall, we have a property $_validation that tells us how each form field needs to be validated. Right now, we have only two needs: some fields are required, and one field must also be an email address.

    protected function _validateRequired( $value,&$m="" ){
        if( ! $value ){
            $m = "This field is required.";
            return false;
        return true;

Very straightforward. If the value is empty, it fails validation.

You may not have seen &$someVariable before —the & makes it a reference. Instead of getting a copy of whatever variable we pass to the method, we get the actual variable. So, when we assign an error message to $m inside the method, that message exists in $m outside the method. Don’t worry if you don’t quite “get” this, for now. It works.

Same thing for email addresses:

    protected function _validateEmail( $value,&$m="" ){
        // {@see}
        if( ! filter_var( $value,FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL ) ){
            $m = "Please provide a valid email address.";
            return false;
        return true;

Checking the anti-spam challenge is a little different. First, we have to get the proper question from the session, and then we can check if the answer is correct.

    protected function _validateAntispam( $value ){
        // get antispam key from session, make sure the value is the correct answer
        $correct = (
            isset( $_SESSION[__CLASS__]["antispam"] )
            && isset( $this->_antispam[$_SESSION[__CLASS__]["antispam"]] )
            && $this->_antispam[$_SESSION[__CLASS__]["antispam"]] === $value
        // remove used questions from session to prevent re-use
        unset( $_SESSION[__CLASS__]["antispam"] );
        if( ! $correct ){
            $this->_errors["antispam"] = "Please try the antispam challenge again.";
            return false;
        return true;

Checking the security token follows a similar process, but we also check that the token “age” is valid.

    protected function _validateToken( $token ){
        // aside from simply including an issued token,
        // the submission should not be too fast nor too slow
        $valid = (
            isset( $_SESSION[__CLASS__][$token] )
            && $this->_time > ($_SESSION[__CLASS__][$token] + $this->_option["token.min"])
            && $this->_time < ($_SESSION[__CLASS__][$token] + $this->_option["token.max"])
        // remove used tokens from session (prevents duplicate submissions)
        unset( $_SESSION[__CLASS__][$token] );
        return $valid;

Last thing is to make a method that actually runs all this validation when the form is submitted. A class’ __construct method is run automatically when the class instance is created, so we’ll use that.

    public function __construct( array $_post=null ){
        // set the current time in microseconds
        $this->_time = microtime( true );
        // validate the form submission if present
        if( $_post ){
            if( $this->validate( $_post ) ){ $this->_sendEmail(); }

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