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Um, thanks. Wait, sorry, that was a not helpfull at all.

Take it easy Justin. Allow me to explain.

Wireframes > PSDs > Development

This is a workflow that needs to die quite frankly. That’s my opinion. However… it’s a fact that many, many web devs agree. We are in a renaissance of sorts in web, where things that always were… no longer are. The PSD phase will go the way of glass buttons, splash pages and web designers. See, it’s no longer enough to just be a designer… unless you work for some big magazine (the paper kind) or do in-house work for some company that just needs handouts for meetings or whatever.

More and more, people design in-browser… making them on some level a developer, in addition to being a designer. I would argue that they need to at least know some JS to be called a developer… but that’s my opinion. At the bare minimum… most designers are now ‘coders.’ Clearly your friend is aware of this on some level, since he/she is trying to bolster their web chops.

coming over from print need to start with leaning the basic principles of the web that are different than print.

Rrright… that’s why I said for your friend to learn HTML and CSS. If you don’t know those… I don’t know how you could possibly start learning JS on any level. JS and more specifically jQuery do one thing and one thing only… they manipulate HTML elements. If you don’t know that… you cannot learn anything else. Period. You need a chassis before you can drop an engine in a car.

On another note, I seriously have no idea why this is a controversial answer. Your friend thinks in print… he/she needs to learn to think in web. HTML + CSS will start the journey. And… there is no specific tutorial, as that will only limit your friend to someone else’s perspective on web.

I also took my training wheels of my bike last night.

This is another thing that is has gone the way of web 2.0. It’s all about that Strider bike bro.

But now I have to ask the question… why don’t you just teach your friend the basics of web?