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you might think about is hiring someone to install cPanel, phpMyAdmin

Or zPanel if you don’t want to license cPanel… which I don’t personally. Mainly because it’s really expensive. If it weren’t for setting up emails. I probably wouldn’t even use zPanel.

even hostmonster in the past

I too have hosted SEVERAL sites on Hostmonster. It was ok. Their tech support is super friendly but not very knowledgeable. It took me 2+ hours to get them to supply me with the server’s SSH key fingerprint for verification.

I still vote for Digital Ocean because it doesn’t give you every option in the world… but dollar for dollar I don’t think it gets any easier/better than DO.

For the record. I do NOT use DO. I did, but I don’t now. I use Linode. But for most people, I feel like DO is absolutely the best option.

Media Temple seems pretty legit… but it’s expensive. I think the vast majority of what you pay for with them is their awesomely designed site and interface. I’m being dead serious because their hardware is the same as everybody else’s. It’s not like MT is faster or better. DO has a really sweet site too. Just sayin’.