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Search Evato Reviewa in google and read the complaints.

In fact I have. Like any company, there are good reviews and bad. Like any company that offers services primarily to beginner/ amateur/ DIY customers, there is a lot of noise about scams. The only “scam” complaint that seemed to be more than a disgruntled customer involved a phishing campaign purporting to be PayPal acting on Envato’s behalf.

In any case, I was asking what you have read to better understand your concerns and to better address your question.

“The place for backend talk. Not limited to PHP, discussions can be about WordPress or other CMS’s, databases, or other backend languages.”

Yes, exactly: how is this “backend talk”? You’re asking about (buying) a template. The template you linked to is all HTML, CSS, and Javascript (all front-end languages), plus some photoshop files.

If this does involve a backend issue somehow, that’s fine, and I would be happy to hear it: but, so far, you haven’t mentioned anything about it, which is why I ask.