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@traq don’t disagree with this at all, find when you get used to ‘designing in the browser’, and make a habit of setting horizontal margins and paddings in percentages (, or em’s with box-sizing: border-box) it feels more natural. Remember though, when Ethan Marcotte started writing about RWD four years ago, it was almost an evangelical mission. Photoshop mockups were the norm for web-design, (for desktop web-browsing was the main thing and smart-phones not in everyone’s hands all the time). Maybe he and/or the publisher’s of the book felt the need of making this journey from pixels to percentages conversion in the book, in order to convince the sceptical reader. But even so, I can still remember having this aha-moment when reading the book, … to be precise on page 124 “Mobile first meets media queries”, kind of adapted this approach since then: it just makes so much sense in every way.