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@olivern Where is this ‘design’ informed by? Can you give an example of a webshop-design you like? Can you say on which CMS you are, and if so, if this is constricting choices you have to make?

Think there is room for improvement though, for example color, right now the eye goes immediately to the top-left corner, this logo has two colours in ‘complementary contrast’ : over-screaming any other contrast. For me green with white looks ‘fresh’, green with grey ‘not so fresh anymore’.

The look of the grid product pictures feels incoherent and undecided to me, by which I mean there are some that are ‘isolated on empty white background’ others have a ‘background environment context’: both can work, but better choose one: and make this decision based on a well thought out vision; for example when you like atmosphere : go for extra background-context, for clean information do the ‘isolation on a white background’. (Also, when you would go for the latter, the white on dark-grey background text may work, right now it feels too boxed in to me (for it doesn’t work on the others).

There are other inconsistencies too; like the top-right icons, two of them have this mirror shadow effect at the bottom, but the search icon does not. Also fonts are not explicitly declared, or just not there: am not seeing ‘Gotham’ but the default font for sans-serif on my machine.

Don’t think this dark-grey background-pattern on large screen (on the sides) is doing any favours to the feel of the design either.

Hope this feedback was constructive.