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Yeah, I’m down with the $5 price point. The only thing is… I want to host multiple sites on this with no problems. I think $5 is totally fine for someone running one site that doesn’t get a ton of traffic. However, I’m running 3-5 that don’t get a ton of traffic… which still would be fine on $5 but I’m sick of DO and thinking positively!!! Ha ha ha.

In all honesty, I’d be fine to deploy a Debian server. But, all of DO’s kernels are not current. That kind of worries me. Plus, I have serious question about how well they scrub each droplet when its destroyed. I’ve seen MANY sketchy things in that regard. Kind of makes you wonder if you’re inheriting malicious settings. I mean, I know how to lock down SSH and restrict root login and compartmentalize all things sensitive. That being said… I’m not a Linux EXPERT. I don’t know the bowels of the UNIX file system and kernel.

I’d kind of like to maybe go custom and try out Crunch Bang on a server. THAT seems AWESOME! You’d get the best of both worlds and philosophies. I’d like to play around with Pi Bang on the Raspberry Pi beforehand though.