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I tried posting yesterday – let me try again.

The choices made during the layout of each <article> might be the source of the problem. Each <a> actually is wrapped around the <img> which is positioned absolute. Technically speaking the <a> is 0x0 px.

In most browsers, it’s probably assuming to know what you want and allowing the <a> to wrap the <img> like it wasn’t absolute. That might be one reason.

Another could be JS – when inspecting the DOM, I see a ton of inline CSS. This is normally indicative of JS writing CSS in after the DOM is loaded. So that could be something else.

Basically, what I would do is just take a single one of the <article>‘s out of the page and put it up on codepen or something. Mess with it until you can get it working and try implementing it into your main site.

As far as making it more friendly, I would suggest allowing a bottom scrollbar. First, in case something goes wrong with JS a user can still navigate. I also don’t like when sites navigate by mouseover. Even though scrolling down using the mouse’s wheel works, it’s not my first instinct.