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Stuart Bennett

Hi PirateStef

That works for almost Everything

The issue I have now is if I select “Website Hosting Enquiry” I need both “hosting” and “website” to appear if “Website Design Enquiry” then “website” should appear but not “hosting”

but i cannot see how you use the if statement to either test for 2 conditions like if “Website Design Enquiry” OR “Website Hosting Enquiry” then display “website”

or how to make one test trigger multiple blocks. If “Website Hosting Enquiry” then display “website” AND “hosting”

is there any way to do this.

Also It will only hide one object at a time so now I added the test for “Mobile App Development Enquiry” that hides if not selected but hosting and website are now always visible.

also i need whichplatform hosting and website to be hidden by default on page load and only appear if appropriate.

also if whichplatform is hidden then it adds an extra paragraph at the beginning of the td forcing the form down one line which is really annoying and looks really bad.

I have updated my codepen with the latest JS code for you to check.