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Hi Kandi:

I am just someone who knows how to hack a little html and css to get what style I need, so take my words with a grain of salt.

For the java, that’s getting into deep stuff. I remember I was able to find one setting in the code once, but its all just unreadable code to me. I didn’t see the notice, but if it really is in there, I doubt anyone is going to find it. There are lots of snippets of code out there to try out.

So, for that reason, what I have done is find something that works and then basically work with that, don’t try to change it at all if possible.

But right now, I noticed you have got the java working pretty well, most pics are full-sized now. I think it depends on the size of the image in pixels, if its smaller it doubles the image. I am not getting the thumbnail image in the lower buttons, but that’s a minor point ;-)

For html and css, its easier to read and understand, and you can do more. I think you are using html a lot and css less, but the trend is definitely towards css for styling. You seem to be a little html dependant now, if you don’t mind me saying. But you clearly have the right attitude. I was in your shoes just a few years ago, it takes time but you will make it.

For the css, it allows you to keep your html more simple, and its very powerful. If we make the header into a clear size with html, it isn’t convenient if we want to change the header picture later and the new picture is thinner, for example. But, we could make that area with css (using something like min-height for example) and then changing pictures would cause no problem. This is also a factor when re-sizing, which it turns out yours already does, that’s pretty cool.

With css, we can do lots of cool stuff like a window which is always at the bottom or top of your monitor, and it won’t move at all when you scroll up or down, and really a bunch of other stuff.

Usually the call to action is a link, and for you, you already put that in the middle bottom, that’s just as it should be. The phone number is important too, but there isn’t a link you can put to that really. The link you have there is to skype, like if I wanted to download it and use it. That’s pretty roundabout. And I see the number in there, its in the alternate text, which each picture is supposed to have. But that’s for people who can’t see the image, and most people will not see that there, because you have to hover and wait for a second.

So I guess the call to action is fine, its a little down the page but not too bad, and you centered it and gave it a bright color to attract attention (but its a little too white, which won’t really attract the eye…everyone uses that bright green right now, I am experimenting with a deep orange). Still, its good.

So i guess the biggest area is the navigation bar with the facebook etc. links. For this part, I think you are using a ridged html structure here, and that’s why it isn’t so beautiful…its odd to have the bigger phone number picture basically in line with the smaller facebook picture…and the bar seems a bit thick given the small text links and pics inside it. They are swallowed by the blue heh.