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ok, I will be happy to help out with y opinion. First off I am a design major with a secondary in programming for the web. i work full time for a marketing company, so I think my input is valid. although not knowing anything about your project in any way, i am going to be left only providing ideas rather than pointed changes.

First off, please dont be offended by my candor, im being direct fro brevity.

Speaking on the user interface aspect and NOT design/look it could use room some help…

It looks to me that your buttons (blue) are randomly placed? It does not seem like similar functionality buttons are placed in groups? they should be…

As far as making grouping, if they are grouped but just grouped horizontally, try taking a more traditional approach where your groupings are in a vertical list for instance where you can have a heading and links underneath….

I would go here for ideas:

I know i didn’t offer much, but your explanation is lacking when asking for such a response IMO. Marketing and design if a UX requires answers to a few fundamental questions: for starters, who, what, when, where, and why.