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Greetings Joe_Temp,

Brilliant observations, but it takes someone much smarter than I to pick up on these things. My wife catches details such as this, but I’m totally clueless except for being able to detect what country someone is from by their dialect. I can only do that because I’ve traveled to, or communicated with, most of them frequently enough to enable me to do so.

My living in Europe has caused me problems when going back to the States. I rarely spell words as is common in the States. For example, I use colour instead of color. If I go to a store in the U.s. and ask for crisps, I get the deer in the headlights look. I’ve had people tell me I can spell and question my education while they misuse their and there, your and you’re, and many others. If they are really rude and say something like I need to learn English, I tell them that that is the way it is spelled in England where English originated, that I live in Europe, and that they are in fact spelling it incorrectly, they generally shut up. I’ll not address my punctuation skills as they are atrocious! I can do it when not in a rush, but I generally don’t care unless it’s business or official.

Anyway, your post gave me a chuckle and room for thought. Much appreciated!