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Greetings Chris,

I’ve as much use for Ken Ham as I do Bill Nye (who isn’t a real scientist by the way, he just plays one on TV) and a host of others in their respective fields. All sides are generally too biased to see any common ground and/or any alternative possibility. Both sides profess to have the flawless answers, yet neither does, nor can. There is too much closed mindedness on both sides for me to take seriously either.

Do you honestly believe that for “real science” to occur there should be no disagreements?

I do where a person’s life and liberty are concerned, don’t you? If some careless drunk kid who thinks he’s privileged to drive drunk because his parents are wealthy kills someone, I believe he should pay the same price as someone who has a psychoanalyst for the prosecution stating that their drunk driving was due to a lack of care for others.

Psychiatry should no more be allowed into a courtroom than a witch doctor in an operating room. Psychiatry is given the weight it is because of the Prison Industry in America and the CAAC (Convict At All Costs) mentality, whether guilty or not.

The study cited above is simply an alternative explanation, not a definitive one. Therefore, it doesn’t toss out other explanations.

What you just described is called a theory. Scientific theories are mostly carried out with research and evidence to sustain their idea.

Yes, Psychoanalysis is just chocked full of theories (opinions) and the only real discoveries with regard to the human mind has been made in the medical field. Why should unproven theory be used in any incidence where a person’s life and liberty or possible treatment are at stake? The reason is it makes money for the Prison Industry.

Again, real science will agree that black is black and white is white. Real science agrees that E=M/C2. Real science could not say in one case that drunk driving is the result of a deficient mind and in another, where wealth is involved, state that it is the result of being affluent. When does E not equal mass divided by the speed of light? Never, just ask a mathematician. When is drunk driving the result of mental illness? How much money do you have so I can direct you to the right Psychoanalyst with the right answer for your needs?

Best Regards.