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oh! I see, I was going by what you have posted on your question: “I would like to have all items in the green bar made into html”

Once you have the html figure it out and of course after you have organized it with JS in mind then you could target each id or class depending how you choose to organized the html. You could use jQuery to move the arrow, not sure how this app supposed to work; I see you can pick the date and I guess you just slide the arrow to the desired time?. But then what? Do you capture the time or store the time for later use?
the date it’s just a matter of using the date picker from jQuery or any other plugin. Based on what you have here if you just want to slide the arrows to a specific point you could just use a slider.

of course there are many more fancy ones out there for you to use. The thing that I would be thinking about is what to do once you have slide the arrow to a specific point?, like I said do you want to capture that value and use it later? if not, then you could just use an image for the time, although I see you have scroll arrows right and left so I assume this is not a static element.

This one is a very good sample of how to approach this:

Hope that helps.