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No problem.

If you are strong in your server side skills, then you won’t even need support, but my gut instinct is that Digital Ocean might have some technical and support issues. Evidently they have been growing very quickly.

I’m new to the server side and Digital Ocean had great customer service until there was a problem that they seemed unable to resolve. I could not get content to write over existing content and render in the browser. I’m pretty certain that I know exactly what the problem is, but one support person kept writing super-long mean spirited replies and eventually blocked other really helpful support people from helping me. What I thought was unbelievably bad, almost comical, was that Digital Ocean actually then blocked me from opening a new vps, virtual private server, which they call droplets. Luckily all I had to do was reset my DNS settings on my old server and wait a couple of hours and my website was back up and running. My experience is that when support start blaming me for the product not working, it’s usually that support really doesn’t know the answer. It was clearly time for me to move on.

I like to keep things positive, so I would just like to add that I looked at Linode and everything looks very thorough. And people really seem to be loyal to Linode.

Best of luck to you.