CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXIX

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A round up of goings-on related to me, this site, and related projects, as we are wont to do once in a while. I’ve had the good fortune of being a guest on a number of podcasts lately, so I’ll link up those. I’ll share some upcoming conferences I’ll be at and news from CodePen and ShopTalk Show.

I got to be a guest on the OfficeHours.FM Podcast with Carrie Dils in All the Things, Episode 122. Carrie’s podcast is about the WordPress ecosystem, so we chat about CSS-Tricks a good bit, which is a WordPress site. We talk about business, staying on top of things, the origin of CodePen, and more.

I gave my presentation 10 Things You Can (and Should) Do With SVG as a webinar for Shopify, and they wrote it up and published the whole talk.

I’ll be speaking at some conferences coming up. Only a few of them have landing pages up so far, so here’s those:

At AEA Seattle, not only will I be giving a talk, I’ll also be giving a full day workshop. Use coupon code AEACOYI for any of those.

There will be more to announce soon, including some in Canada and Europe.

I got to be on the User Defenders podcast with Jason Ogle in episode 028: Be Persistent with Chris Coyier.

This podcast offers the first-and-only discount I’ve ever shared for Practical SVG: SUPERSVG.

I got to be on the HackingUI podcast with David Tintner & Sagi Shrieber in Episode #24: How to grow a blog and remain true to your audience. I enjoyed these fellas entrepreneurial spirit, as they’ve both gone full time on HackingUI now.

I got to be on the How I Built It podcast with Joe Casabona on Episode #6: Chris Coyier & CodePen.

There is plenty happening at CodePen. We just passed 10,000,000 Pens created. We just wrapped up a mini-series on CodePen Radio where we talk to 10 other businesses that have similarity CodePen in one way or another.

We’re still in the throes of working on big new features and infrastructure. So there haven’t been a whole lot of feature releases, but there will be in the coming months, followed by more active smaller releases in 2017.

One brand new thing is The CodePen Spark, our new newsletter. It’s full of hand-picked selections of the best stuff around CodePen and the web at large each week.

Episode 245 of ShopTalk Show just went out, which is our last of 2016. It’s also the 14th RAPIDFIRE episode in a row, as Dave and I were enjoying the simplicity and original ShopTalk spirit of that. We’ll be back in January with new shows.