The Greatest CSS Tricks Vol. I

By Chris Coyier

This is a compendium of my favorite tricks I’ve come across in all my time doing this site. Most of them are not my own, but by people far more clever than me. Here I’m showcasing them and explaining the trick as I see it. While perhaps some of them are more “useful” than others, there is a lot to learn from all of them, whether you ever use the technique directly or not.

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Light blue book cover for Practical SVG

Practical SVG

By Chris Coyier

Harness the power and possibilities of crisp, performance-efficient SVG with Chris Coyier. From software basics to build tools to optimization, you’ll learn techniques for a solid workflow. Go deeper: create icon systems, explore sizing and animation, and understand when and how to implement fallbacks. Get your images up to speed and look sharp!