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Mattia Astorino

As UX Engineer i build modular and scalable design systems, component libraries and UI frameworks. I like to work with, VueJS, StenciJS, Web Components, ShadowDOM, HTML, JS, CSS/PostCSS, Sketch, Figma, Invision Studio, Principle, Abstract. Author of "The Adaptive + Responsive Model" design pattern. I have a particular interest for accessible and semantic markup, interactions, animations and data-driven UI development. I'm an open source developer and a member of the Open Source Design organisation.


Making Web Components for Different Contexts

This article isn’t about how to build web components. Caleb Williams already wrote a comprehensive guide about that recently. Let’s talk about how to work with them, what to consider when making them, and how to embrace them in your projects.… Read article “Making Web Components for Different Contexts”