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WordPress Plugins I Use

Published by Chris Coyier

I think this is a fun and useful style of post that any WordPress blogger can do. It's always interesting to hear in what ways people are extending what WordPress can do out of the box. I'll share the ones I'm using here on CSS-Tricks then you can share yours (either in the comments or in a post on your own WordPress site). My list is quite a bit different than the last time I did this in 2008. If you have some better alternatives to the ones I'm using, I'm always interested in that, too.


Allows me to create new buttons in the post editor of my own creation. I have buttons like "jQuery" which allows me to select some code I'm putting in a blog post and it wraps it in the tags I need to make it look like code and be syntax highlighted.

Default buttons plus many of my own.

Advanced Excerpt

Gives me more control for how I output excerpts of posts. For instance, which tags specifically should be removed and which can stay. Also allows for one-off control with a custom function. e.g.

<?php the_advanced_excerpt("length=40&use_words=1"); ?>


Has blocked 148,338 spam comments at the time of this writing. Invaluable.

Clean Notifications

Extremely old but still vital for me. Turns new comment notifications from being plain text with big long gnarly URL's all over them into a simple HTML email with clickable links.


I turned this off recently thinking maybe this has made it into core, but it hasn't. I think it's time to make WordPress start sending nicer emails, no?

Code Markup

Also extremely old but still works great. All it does is make sure that I don't have to escape HTML code myself. If it's inside <code> tags it does it automatically.

FD FeedBurner Plugin

Makes sure all RSS feed requests get shuttled over to my FeedBurner feed. That's best because 1) then I can track statistics accurately and 2) it relieves some load from the server.

Feature Comments

Gives me the ability to reward good comments and discourage bad comments. All I do is click links in the comment thread to apply class names and I style them. This is just one small tool in curating good comment threads. More on that here.

Live Comment Preview

Speaking of better comment threads, I believe allowing people to see what their comment will look like before posting helps that. Especially on a site where people post code fairly frequently and how easy that is to screw up.

See the next plugin and it's notes for how the Markdown preview works.


Lastly related to comments, I allow people to write them in Markdown. I did this because 1) it's consistant with the Forums, which also allow Markdown and 2) I like Markdown.

I had to do a slight bit of custom stuff here in that I load up Showdown.js (a JavaScript port of Markdown) so that Live Comment Preview can do it's preview with Markdown as well. It was a two-line change in the comment preview plugin, but it's something I have to be aware of when updates come around.


There is a lot of stuff in here, but at the moment I only use one feature: the ability to let users get email notifications of follow up comments or new articles on the blog.

Peter's Login Redirect

I have it set up so that when Lodge members log in (which is the default WordPress login system), they go straight back to The Lodge.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

At the end of each blog posts, lists a couple of other blog posts that people might be interested in reading. The idea is to be helpful to readers with the side bonus of keeping people on your site and engaged.


Restrict Content Pro

The heart that makes The Lodge work. Some content just isn't availble to view on the site unless you've logged in and have an active subscription. This makes all that happen. I use the PayPal Pro and CSV user import plugins for it. Plugin plugins!


Does full site and database backups for me. Peace of mind.

W3 Total Cache

Keeps CSS-Tricks speedy. Does the CDN integration with NetDNA automatically.

WordPress HTTPS

Allows me to force certain pages on CSS-Tricks to be SSL just by checking a checkbox. For instance, I do this one the Lodge Signup page, because it collects payment information and that really needs to be secure.

It should be noted that in order for this to be useful you need to:

  1. Have a valid SSL certificate installed on your site
  2. Have your server set up to mirror your site on the HTTPS side (or otherwise do something smart)
  3. If you're using a CDN, make sure it can handle HTTPS too.
  4. Make sure all resources you use (images, CSS, JS, fonts...) are also HTTPS.

WordPress SEO

Takes care of all the little best practices stuff that is tedious to deal with otherwise. Things like using ideal page title formats, proper meta tags, canonical URLs, sitemap building, social media data, etc.


Handles the polls around here.

WP Page Numbers

Allows navigation like

← 1 ... 2 3 4 ... 975 →

instead of just

← previous posts     next posts →

What are some of your can't-live-without plugins?


  1. JoeShmoe
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    I’m looking for a good commenting plugin, are there any or should I just take the default one and CSS it to my taste?

  2. ScottyD.
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    The ones I use (mainly for client sites) are:

    – Duplicate Post
    – Custom Sidebars
    – MutiEdit

  3. Permalink to comment#

    Very helpful to see this list, since their value has been “proven” (so to speak) on a popular site.

    What I miss though, is which are the “best” plugins for custom post types and custom fields. I really like Custom Post Type UI and Just Custom Fields. They work fine for me but (as with everything), I always wonder if there’s something better out there.

    Also, the lack of a contact form plugin makes me wonder if you would advise everyone to use a Wufoo-based form in their WordPress site, or if that’s just your personal preference (and since you used to work there)?

  4. Permalink to comment#

    Awesome write-up. I always wonder what other blogger’s WP experience is like. I use a lot of these already but I need to start using AddQuickTag!

  5. Melindrea
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    I totally second WP-Markdown. I have come to the conclusion that I really dislike the standard WP editor, but WP-Markdown rocks. A plugin that unfortunately doesn’t work out of the box with Markdown (I’ve modded it, and trying to figure out how/if to share it) is WP-Typography, which marks up a lot of things nicely. For development I also use Broken Link Checker and Log Deprecated Calls. And finally, though this might be overkill, I’ve started to implement Better WP Security. …Why, yes, I do have a lot of spare time <.<

  6. Mike M
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    As a developer I love the exec-PHP plugin, allowing scriptlets I write to easily be injected into pages and posts.

    • I love exec-PHP too. It’s just really nice to be able to run PHP on a WP created page. Saves a lot of hassle.

    • Martha M
      Permalink to comment#

      Absolutely agree. Exec-PHP is totally indispensable! Sometimes you just need a few lines of server-side code, not some bloated plugin, and that’s where this comes in.

  7. Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for this list, here’s mine:

    ThreeWP Activity Monitor


    BJ Lazy Load

    AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

    Duplicate Post (Wow!)

    Admin Management Xtended

    Disable Registration Email (very useful on large site)

    Simple Ads Manager

    Touch Punch (to tweak sites with my iPad)

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    Chris, This is a very cool list of plugins. I created a similar page on my website with all the plugins I use. The point of doing it in a page vs. posts is this way I can keep it updated. You can check it out here:

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    I find Advanced Custom Fields to be pretty indispensable and use it in just about every project I do now. I haven’t found a better way to allow different types of content while making it easy for users to maintain everything.

    • Permalink to comment#

      Doh! Just saw your comment after I posted my endorsement of ACF. It’s good stuff.

    • @Scott. I agree. I use ACF more and more. Very well done and great support.
      I use with custom post type, instead of widget staff, for home page Gestion.
      If you use Flexible Content Field, you can make very complexe lay-out easy to manage on client side.

    • Aaron
      Permalink to comment#

      ACF is the most useful plugin I have ever used. And it only gets better with each version.

    • Permalink to comment#

      ACF along w/ Custom Post Type’s allows me to do some amazing things for clients as far as designing an extremely easy to use CMS. Try it for yourself. Get brave, mixin some PHP and BAM!

    • Permalink to comment#

      Yeah, ACF is awsome. I use it all the time my self.

  10. Permalink to comment#

    Advanced Custom Fields is probably the most useful plugin I’ve found, especially for client sites. It really gets WordPress feeling like a capable CMS by allowing you to completely customize how content is put into pages, posts, etc. Instead of the big ‘ol WordPress box, you can break everything up into discrete fields that make complex layouts easy to manage and harder to break.

    True, we’ve had custom fields for a long time, but to really use them you need some WP Jedi skills. This plugin makes them easy and takes them to a whole new level of awesome.

    The gallery add-on ($) is fantastical.

    • Permalink to comment#

      Wow that is clearly very popular with the shoutouts in this comment thread so far. And look at those ratings!

    • Permalink to comment#

      Ha! Great minds think alike (and about the same thing at the same time, apparently).

    • Permalink to comment#

      I use Advanced Custom Fields for every client now, along with the Repeater and Options Page add-ons. I just used it for a custom restaurant menu on a site, it’s so flexible.

  11. Permalink to comment#

    Been using Advanced Custom Fields on almost every WordPress site lately.. it’s a great way to set up nice visual, more advanced fields for clients.

  12. Permalink to comment#

    Oh, wow, I’m slow :)

  13. Permalink to comment#

    One other one that saves time getting things set up initially: Bulk Page Creator.

    Lets you create many pages at once instead of one by one.

  14. Permalink to comment#

    Thanks to use my plugin AddQuicktag; the only disadvantage is, that no posts about plugins link to the authors, only links to the repo. ;)

  15. Permalink to comment#

    Great post! A few of my must-uses are:

    1. Advanced Custom Fields — Custom fields, simple as that.

    2. Simple Page Ordering — So unbelievably simple and good. Drag and drop your page order

    3. Automatic WordPress Backup — Nightly backup to Amazon S3. I backup all my sites for less than $5 a month.

    4. Portfolio Slideshow Pro — I’ve tried a lot of slideshow plugins out there. This one is my hand’s down favourite.

    5. Widget Logic — I don’t use this a lot, but when I do, I love it. Gives you access to conditional tags in your widgets

    • Permalink to comment#

      Widget Logic is very handy indeed, but you need a little php knowledge to use it. Needs to be in WordPress core if you ask me with a few nice UI tweaks.

  16. Permalink to comment#

    Anybody know if Feature Comments works with Disqus?

  17. Permalink to comment#

    I use Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication.

  18. Permalink to comment#

    Chris, this is excellent. I use W3 Total Cache and WordPress Seo. They are absolutely the best. I use plugins similar to others that you use, but I really need to use AddQuicktag and WP Page Numbers. Polls would be a nice addition to my site as well. Vaultpress would probably be a good idea as well. I have heard only good things about them.

    Thanks Chris, for giving us some insight to what a true pro in the field uses on their WordPress site.

  19. Permalink to comment#

    Currently i use the following plugins in most of my projects:

    For content stuff:

    – Gravity Forms ( PAID
    – Types ( FREE
    – Views ( PAID

    For performance & security:

    – W3 Total Cache ( ) FREE
    – BackupBuddy ( PAID

    For SEO:

    – WordPress SEO ( FREE

    For making WordPress more CMS ;-)

    – OptionTree ( FREE
    – Role Scoper ( FREE
    – WordPress MU Domain Mapping ( ) FREE
    – WP-Mail-SMTP ( FREE

    • Permalink to comment#

      I was waiting to see someone post about Types. That plugin has become a necessity for me in terms of WordPress development, it makes creating Custom Post Types so ridiculously easy and allows for wonderfully advanced customization with a few clicks.

      I use it for almost every WordPress site I build now. :)

  20. Permalink to comment#

    Here are some of plugins I use:

    Advanced Custom Fields

    Advanced Recent Posts Widget

    All in One SEO Pack


    Breadcrumb NavXT

    Quform Form Builder

    Reveal IDs

    Tab Override

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox


  21. Bert
    Permalink to comment#
  22. Permalink to comment#

    Can you explain how you set W3 Total Cache Plugin for your site or show some screenshot of setting?

    thank you

    • Stefan
      Permalink to comment#

      Hi Chris!

      I also think this would be extremely useful. Maybe a great topic for your next article :)

      Best regards

    • Hilmon
      Permalink to comment#

      Yeah, the setup scared me off using it…. But I know I should be….

  23. JT Thurston
    Permalink to comment#

    Great list, thanks!
    I’d have to agree with Gabe – Gravity forms is freakin awesome.
    What do you think you’ll do when Feedburner is shut down?

  24. Permalink to comment#

    Here are some I find myself installing on many site I build:

    Advanced Custom Fields – ★★★★★ – should become part of core!

    Auto Post Thumbnail – automatically assigns first image in post as thumbnail

    BackupBuddy – backups and site migrations made easy (when it works)

    Google Analytics for WordPress

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Gravity Forms – best form plugin out there.

    Latest Published Updates – lists latest edits on dashboard and who edited them – nice for clients who have multiple web admins.

    MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video

    Query Posts – grab posts in a widget with tons of options. I usually program my homepage to be a bunch of widget areas and populate spots with content with this.

    WCK Post Type Creator – nice tool for creating post types

    WCK Taxonomy Creator – and taxonomies

    Widget Logic – assign conditionals to any widget’s visibility

    WordPress SEO

    WP Minify

    WP Super Cache

    ZigWidgetClass – add classes to widgets, sounds simple but it’s awesome. we should have to rely on arbitrary ids to style widgets.

  25. JT Thurston
    Permalink to comment#

    RE: Feedburner

    Here’s where the microscopic announcement is…

    what a pain in the butt

  26. JT Thurston
    Permalink to comment#

    I feel better hearing this from you…
    just the thought of having to redo all of those feeds …&$#@!

    Maybe they will make something new… FeedWave? RSSBuzz? ;) j/k
    I’m actually a Google fan — in spite of this deprecation.

  27. Permalink to comment#

    Looks like they’ve been thinking about HTML emails in core for awhile now, according to this ticket.

  28. Jon
    Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris, what kind of stack are you running? Are you using nginx, varnish, or any kind of page or opcode caches?

  29. Permalink to comment#

    On my blog I hardly use any plugins as I like to build 90% of my features into the theme itself

    • Melindrea
      Permalink to comment#

      I kind of agree, but I also feel that it is bad to reinvent the wheel, unless the issue with the wheel is such that you can only take parts of the existing wheel to make the wheel work the way it should. …And I think I might be tired, that comparison was a bit weird.

      That said, if the theme is just/mainly for one client/oneself, one might as well. If it’s for sale/other, I am concerned about people losing settings/stuff if there’s too much built into the theme.

  30. I love you, Chris, but you may need a spell check plug-in too.

    • Permalink to comment#

      I fixed that email address problem for you. And it’s way helpful if you can point out typos for me instead of just tell me they exist.

  31. Thank you and will do. Not trying to be a d-bag but I am so distracted by typos and (shiny things) that it is a wonder that I get anything done.

  32. Jess Usa
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    Holy moly, that’s a large amount of plugins

  33. jamie
    Permalink to comment#

    It would be a sad cold day if someone didn’t mention a really great plugin… Option Tree

  34. I try to fly bare bone but if I must, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, BackupBuddy, NivoSlider, Cart66. Just seems like any hack I’ve ever encountered have come in through plugins so I try to keep to just the trusted ones.

    In regards to ‘Advanced Custom Fields’, I used to use it a lot but now I just roll my own custom meta boxes. Keeps clients away from trying to feel like WordPress gods.

  35. Permalink to comment#

    Which plugin would you use to make Contact Forms?

    • I use Gravity Forms and I think it is worth paying a few bucks to RocketGenius for it. If you haven’t checked out Wufoo, you should. It’s a hosted solution but it’s super solid and awesome. And for the record, as far as I can tell RocketGenius blatantly copied Wufoo’s interface.

  36. Permalink to comment#

    I simply can not live without Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

  37. Permalink to comment#

    Great post! I have a list here. I’ll be checking out Advanced Custom Fields now too!

  38. Dan De Luca
    Permalink to comment#

    I pretty much use these plugins religiously on all of my WordPress builds

    ** Regenerate Thumbnails
    ** Advanced Custom Fields
    ** My Page Order
    ** Post Types Order
    ** WP-Migrate-DB

    • Hilmon
      Permalink to comment#

      Yes, Regenerate Thumbnails….

      An absolute lifesaver when the client says…

      “I know the new site is going live in 5 minutes…. but….. can we make all those images bigger, and the thumbnails smaller….. on all 300 products.”

  39. Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for the plugins :D Very Useful!

  40. Merne
    Permalink to comment#

    Great info. I almost always rely on Contact Form 7 and its Database extension for quick form builds in the case when the client wants the responses stored.

  41. idoit
    Permalink to comment#

    why you changed the template asshole. i just loved it

  42. Permalink to comment#

    Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms are invaluable to our business – turns WP into a vastly superior CMS (loving this live comment preview plugin – first time I’ve commented here).

  43. Mobile Client Detection is useful. it gives you the following conditionals:

    is desktop()
    is mobile()
    is tablet()
    is chrome()
    is explorer()

    • Michael Sullivan
      Permalink to comment#

      Interesting… Have you found it accurate? Does the detection happen soon enough to alter page content on the fly? and lastly, is it faster than a combination of media queries and jquery / javascript for doing responsive sites?

  44. I started using Types before I found out about Advanced Custom Fields. Does anyone have an opinion about what Advanced Custom Fields does better?

    • Permalink to comment#

      The benefit for types is the nice integration with views. If you are familiar with Drupal you will recognize the similarities.

  45. Permalink to comment#

    Great post! Have you tried embedded Gists for your code examples?

  46. Michael Sullivan
    Permalink to comment#

    I have used both Advanced Custom Fields and Types. I mostly use Types now, as well as Views. Views is a paid plugin, but useable on multiple sites – both Types and Views allow you to export / import so you don’t have to rebuild functionality on a new site… I use WPML for multilingual sites.

    Also, during development I have found Reveal to be handy in determining just which template is called in which situation…. (but remember to turn it off before going live!).

  47. Thanks for sharing. Great plugins!

  48. Marty
    Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for posting this, I have just started using wordpress regulary on small sites that I am developing outside of my “real” job.

    Love the blog.

  49. Permalink to comment#

    Excellent recommendation, Advanced Custom Fields is a good addition to those listed in Digging into WordPress.

  50. Permalink to comment#

    Gravity Forms for certain. And anything that can make youtube and vimeo embeds a bit more pleasing visually :P

  51. Permalink to comment#

    Chris, do you think wp page navi would replace the old wp page numbers?

    Also, reading your article about using only 1 feature in jetpack, why don’t you give subscribe to comments reloaded

    And here’s the list of plugins I used.. *although some are disabled until I need em

    Ajax Edit Comments
    Clean Options – good for cleaning options table after plugin uninstallation
    Exploit Scanner
    Faster Image Insert
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Multi Author Comment Notification
    nrelate Related Content – using linkwithin before this, but nrelate results are more relevant, I’m running my blog from shared server so I’m not confident using YARPP to do the task.
    Plugins Garbage Collector
    Relevanssi – return better search result in my opinion
    RSS Image Feed – I have replaced Google Feed burner and use Mailchimp RSS-to-Email that provide much better customization, and it’s free for 2000 subscribers, but mailchimp rss-to-email doesn’t display the image so I used this plugin.
    Search & Replace – A simple search for find strings in your database and replace the string.
    SEO Friendly Images
    Smart Archives Reloaded – An elegant and easy way to present your posts, grouped by year and month.
    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    Tweetily – Tweetily will periodically tweet a random post or page automatically to promote your content and drive traffic to your Web site
    Twitter Widget Pro
    UberMenu 2 – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin (PAID)
    WordPress SEO

    • Permalink to comment#

      I also forgot to mention *this is not plugin but I thought would be useful to share as well. I used font awesome

      but I don’t necessarily need all of em. (Which is about 200kb to load). I found a nice little web app called fontello which allow you to choose only the type you want and I end up with 53kb

      That’s huge saving!

  52. Thanks for the list, Chris. Definitely checking out some I haven’t tried before. I myself keep a personal list of plugins on my site I use and trust (on my site’s menu, go to WordPress > Plugins, I’m not sure if it’s alright to post my own link here).

    I’m also wondering why you’re not using any social sharing buttons on this new theme of yours.

  53. Thank you very much. useful.

  54. Permalink to comment#

    Having only just discovered the Yoast plugin the other day, I can’t actually praise it enough. One of the most useful SEO plugins that I’ve found for wordpress so far.

    Some new ones in this list that I’m going to have to check out.


  55. Permalink to comment#

    Not sure if it was already mentioned in the comments, but s2member is really nice for managing subscriptions and restricting content. It has an API, and allows you to easily access a bunch of user variables. I found it through the ever helpful IRC #wordpress room :-)

    It’s the only subscription management plugin I’ve tried, so I’ll have to take a look at the one you mentioned. My client had a use case that wasn’t handled by the plugin by default (limit user to x number of logins) and I was able to easily add the functionality using the plugin API.

  56. Matt C.
    Permalink to comment#

    One that I use occasionally that is really useful is JSON API creates a nice JSON API to query wordpress for a lot of useful information.

    Used this in instances where the main site is on one CMS and they decide to add a blog and want to pull in recent posts or other things into that site.

  57. Permalink to comment#

    I just switched from Joomla to WP and after the headache of getting all articles over, adding images, I really needed some plugin tips. Thanks for that.

  58. Permalink to comment#

    wow, nice list, i like the poll and the comment preview plugin! thanks :)

  59. Permalink to comment#

    Using the wordpress platform we will be greatly helped by the many useful plugins. This is very different from the platform blogspot, I hope in blogspot the future also provide a special plugins that can be easily installed in a blog without the need to manually edit
    Thanks for this list :)

  60. Permalink to comment#

    I usually use hacks instead of plugins, the only three plugins I use right now are:

    Google XML Sitemaps
    Search Everything
    WP to Twitter

  61. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Need help on adding Microdata and other semantic tags to make use of Google Rich Snippets.

  62. Do you use any Caching Plugin like w3 Cache or Anything Else ? as many people reccomends it

  63. Permalink to comment#

    Great list, Chris. It looks like Advanced Custom Fields is worth some exploration.

    One that I’ve found helpful is:

    Shortcode Exec PHP – Execute arbitrary PHP code in posts (use this for simple tests)

  64. Permalink to comment#

    Nice list, very useful.Thanks for sharing.

  65. Permalink to comment#

    Contact form 7 and askimet are probably the two plugins I REALLY need.

  66. Permalink to comment#

    Hey all!
    Awesome post and great to find some new plugins I have not used before.
    I have curated a list on github which I hope people will fork and submit pull requests. Good idea for a repository of plugins? Essential WordPress Plugins

  67. Arek Bartnik
    Permalink to comment#

    Are Forums also a plugin?

    • Peter
      Permalink to comment#

      That’s a good point. Is the forum a plugin? If so, which one is it? If not, how was it created?


    • Permalink to comment#

      There is a WordPress plugin to make forums called bbPress which I wish I was using, but I’m using Vanilla forums at the moment. (Just different software, PHP/MySQL open source thing)

    • Peter
      Permalink to comment#

      I see, I take it Vanilla forums is completely independent of wordpress then?
      BTW, love your site. Very intuitive and easy to use

  68. Peter
    Permalink to comment#

    Love it. Thanks very much – very useful

  69. Permalink to comment#

    I have a mix and match of plugins used across all sites i have worked on, but

    WordPress SEO
    Gravity Forms

    are plugins that are a must for me.

  70. Permalink to comment#

    Though, it not relevant in this topics but I want say, it just a nice re-design. Isn’t it?

  71. Permalink to comment#

    And may be obvious or not good, but to me WP Editor is a very helpful plugin, specially for both the plugin and theme editors and also to writing posts directly on HTML:

  72. Ahmad
    Permalink to comment#


    I want to add functionality like facebook posts, I mean in facebook when I paste a link it grab a thumbnail, title and description from that link. Is there any plugin or function for WordPress?

  73. Permalink to comment#

    hi! chris, is that an additional plugin for the credit card payment on your lodge coz in Restrict Content Pro it has only paypal as a default?

  74. Permalink to comment#

    Very helpful list here (and in the comments)! I have one I think nobody has mentioned yet:

    Posts 2 Posts – Allows the creation of many-to-many relationships between posts and users. This has helped me out on various projects, in tandem with custom post types.

  75. I love Advanced custom field and for the custom post and taxonomy Simple custom post type e simple taxonomy

  76. Permalink to comment#

    Great article, one of the better plugin listings, not sure about some of the ones listed. Biggest issue now with all the folks using WP (which is a good thing) is that so many plugins do similar things but use larger and larger amounts of bloated code. I am digging the login redirect by far.

  77. Permalink to comment#

    ! bookmarked.

    Portfolio Slideshow pro (good documentation and support)
    Responsive Select Menu

    Does anyone have any recommendations for visual editors? I’m using Ultimate Tinymce now but would prefer something a bit sexier.

    • Coder Safari
      Permalink to comment#

      I think ckeditor is abit sexier than tinymce.I used this plugin and its auto intending functions,table function,Form function …. are cool

  78. Coder Safari
    Permalink to comment#

    I think Google Code pretifier or syntax highlighter is also plugin used by css tricks,isn’t it?

  79. Tnx for sharing your lists @Chris:) Found few cool plugins after reading this post which i was not aware of.

  80. Permalink to comment#

    Just discovered WP Remote.

    Great FREE solution for backing up installs/databases.

  81. Tamil
    Permalink to comment#

    chirs Awesome job.
    In wordpress,
    how to add custom gradient for particular div inside post or page. Likewise how to add image background for particular div inside post or page

  82. Dean
    Permalink to comment#

    Lots of great recommendations. I recently bought views, creds and access from the developer of types. Impressive suite from front end functionality to backend capabilities.

  83. Hugh
    Permalink to comment#

    i tent to use Simple Ads Manager it is really effective.

  84. I am installing WP Page Numbers but there are a couple others Ive never heard about. Awesome, thank you for this page.

  85. Joshua Michaels
    Permalink to comment#

    Plugins I use on almost every site:

    Gravity Forms
    WordPress SEO
    WP Super Cache
    BackupBuddy (backs up everything and can FTP to another server)
    Use Google Libraries (loads jQuery from Google instead of WP)
    PS Disable Auto Formatting (disables wpautop sitewide – a must)
    Dagon Design Sitemap Generator (old but still the best for dynamically generating a front-end site map page)

    Other plugins I use often:

    Boon’s Simple Social Sharing (these are lightweight without counters that load super quick)
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
    Login With Ajax
    Plugin Organizer (just started using this but allows you to disable plugins on pages that don’t use them)
    Post Tags and Categories for Pages (a must if you have a page-based site)
    Display Widgets (visual version of Widget Logic – better for clients)

  86. Hi,
    What is best WordPress plugins for comment except disqus.

  87. Davide

    Hi Chris,

    which plugin do you use to beautify the HTML output of wordpress?


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