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New Poll: Is CSS Part of Your Career?

Published by Chris Coyier


I am interested to know how many of you CSS-Tricks readers actually write CSS as part of their job or career.

  • 0% - You don't do anything CSS related at work
  • 1-25% - You use CSS a little bit but it's not a main focus
  • 25-50% - CSS is a part of my job, but I do a lot of other stuff too
  • 50-75% - Much of what I do is CSS based web design, but not all
  • 75% - 100% - I'm pretty much a full time web designer using CSS

The poll is in the sidebar as usual.


  1. Kevin Segedi
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    in Yahoo! Mail, the RSS is stripped of CSS, the stars turn into html bullets. No poll form shows.

    Interesting asides:
    In IE7 the poll did nothing after I clicked an entry, but after a refresh it showed the results in bar graph format. In FF it submitted but just showed a text lookign file with the results and nothing else until I refreshed and got the bar graph inline with the post.

  2. Kevin Segedi
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    Now that I think about it, it might be due to having the poll in the rh sidebar.

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    i love CSS

    my last work

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    well im at high school so I have 0% .
    I love your tricks!! thanks for sharing!, not used on my blog, but on diferent websites Im making!!

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    emilio! que bueno le quedo ese proyecto!
    :) me encanto! saludos desde Costa Rica

  6. So what if I am the resident CSS expert (with help from CSS-tricks of course :) but I don’t do web-design per se? I am putting 25-50%…

  7. If it wasn’t for CSS, I’m not sure where I’d be :) 100% every day I use css in some form or another

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    25/50 we are talking here about the career not if u use it on a daily basis.

    I think 25/50 because theres allot more involved than only css when u are developing a website, the design, the coding (server side / html xml etc / and Ajax).

    Im getting more known about my Ajax coding instead of my css stylesheets..

  9. Flavia
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    In Thunderbird the RSS comes out this way:

    [snip]”The poll is in the sidebar as usual, but as an experiment, I’m going to include it here in the post. I’m interested to see how it is going to come across in the RSS feed…

    Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.”

    (75% – 100% for me… I usually try to apply the Zen Garden Principle, so it’s lots of css and less markup)

  10. Bret
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    No poll in Google reader just a nice little message telling me to visit the web site.

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    Your question is very interesting… My answer: 5o – 75%

    I write my code in XHTML and CSS and the other like PHP, Ajax buy from other freelancer, because i don’t want to know all ;)


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