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.net / Practical Web Design magazine article

Published by Chris Coyier

I have an article in the March 2009 (Issue #186) issue of .net magazine, sold as Practical Web Design in the United States. It is actually a two-part article and this is just part one. In this first part, I talk about building a web form with HTML/CSS that anyone can use. Then in the next month, I talk about enhancing the fun and functionality of the form with jQuery.

You'll have to snag the magazine to read the full tutorial, but you lucky saps can view the demo right here right now!


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    Nice Chris, I used to read .Net a lot a while back, then I started reading forums, blogs and tutorial sites like and stop buying it. I kind of miss it.
    I’m sure it is still a great resource thought, and it is good that you got some more recognition. Cheers.

  2. fatnic
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    I subscribe to .net and it was nice to see a familiar name. Looking forward to part 2.

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    It is a joy to read the articles @CSS-Tricks & see the inspiring demos. Same for this cool form.

  4. Chris, you’re doing well for yourself. That’s awesome. I’m glad to be reader of CSS Tricks.

    Good luck!

  5. cssProdigy
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    That’s just awesome.
    @I’m glad to be a reader of CSS Tricks as well.

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    I agree with fatnic. It was great to see an article from someone who’s website I check everyday. You make the tutorial very easy for both new and experienced web developers. Looking forward to the second part!

  7. TheDoc
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    I think this type of thing would be a great candidate for people with lots of steps, but minimal space to include the slider functionality.

    Good work Chris.

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    On key up would probably be a better event then on mouse click. It can be confusing once you’ve type something in and the next step dosen’t show.

    Another thought would be dissabling options in previous steps once completed.

  9. Hi Chris, I read the article a couple of weeks ago in .net mag (UK version). Nice job. Look forward to part 2.

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    That’s a really kick ass demo

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    Really awesome Chris I’m happy for you and your success, Viva CSS-tricks!

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    Cool Chris!! Your jQuery tutorial on NETTUT rocked that I read. I wonder what you got in store this time.

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    well done dude :)

  14. heightsy
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    wow chris, i’ve been trying to write a js script that would do this for about a little while now (i’m new to js period) and lo and behold you’ve done it with jquery. you’re the man, big homey.

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    That just awesome .good luck.thank.

  16. Matt
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    Nice bit of work! I love to see JS being used to enhance functionality. Just one point to make:

    When JS is disabled, the “complete registration” input seems to be always disabled :S

  17. Matt
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    hmm… might have spoke to soon. Sometimes it is disabled, sometimes it is enabled!? im guessing this is some browser caching issue so probably not something to worry about :P

  18. mangesh
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    Hey ever time you give show nice thing thank

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    Hey, just to let you know, going to gives you a 403 Forbidden error.
    Could you fix this please :)

    • Should be fixed… please let me know if you see anything else weird in any way. Some issues with permissions this morning.

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