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Published by Chris Coyier

  • I wrote a guest post over on Tutorial Blog about taking control of image rollovers. In the tutorial, I show 5 different techniques for image rollovers ranging from relatively simple borders, to going from black and white to color, to displaying information about the image on rollover with some slightly more complex CSS.
  • From a recent Search-This article:

    "Have you looked at other people's style sheets lately? Were you baffled to find square brackets in the CSS code? If so, this article might be of interest to you."

    Those square brackets are actually attribute selectors, which allow you to target page elements with specific attributes. The are awesome, but it's one of those things that older browsers don't support so they are really only useful for forward-enhancement.

  • The Man In Blue has an example page of a resolution-dependent layout. This isn't very new but I absolutely love it. Resize your browser below 800 pixels in width and the entire layout changes to a more suitable format for the narrow width.
  • There are a number of favicon genrators out there, but favikon is particulary slick. Maybe I outta do a roundup one of these days...


  • Thuiven has an excellent article showcasing 35 different very nice footer designs. I tried to get all fancy with the footer on this page but it's really nothing compared to these. Now I have some inspiration.
  • I enjoyed this article from Steve Smith over at Ordered List. From the article:

    "One of my favorite quotes is “Simplify the Problem, Don’t Complicate the Solution.” Before you attack a complicated, real-world problem with an equally complex solution, step back and see if you can’t figure out a way to make the problem simpler to start with."


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    i also plan to blog about favikon on my next Juicy Links post…

  2. I do agree with you about the footer issue, and your redesign of the footer on this site is indeed good, I like it.

    However, I would change the blue link colour, just for the footer. The colour doesn’t look good with the grey text, especially in the “About” section.

    Still, nice footer :)

    (I’m a bit long-winded, aren’t I?)

  3. @Nathan: Yeah good point. I think I’m gonna revisit the whole footer soon and think of a better design. I’d like to get a blogroll down there so I can show some link love back to some friends, so I might be going four-column and do something better with the colors.

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