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Published by Chris Coyier


Yet another PNG fix for IE 6, but this time with all our dreams come true. Positioning, repeating, and none of the link-blocking z-index madness. How does it work? Apparently the proprietary Microsoft VML language does a much better job than the AlphaImageLoader stuff the other fixes rely on. I'll say now that I haven't actually played with this yet so it's not an official endorsement, but from all the positive press on it, I'd say it's worth trying.


Sizzle Drama

There has been a bunch of drama lately on John Resig's selector engine Sizzle. Who's gonna use it, who's not gonna use it, who is faster, who is smarter, who invited Suzy to the prom first. I'm not sure I really care, I just find it entertaining.


Comment System

Just for the record, I'm still a big fan of IntenseDebate and what they are doing, but I think it was a little early to adopt for me. There was some syncing issues, some validation issues, some <code> posting issues and I couldn't quite get it wrestled into shape. So... I'm just gonna give it a little more time. If you still want to have an identity around here and save time filling out all those fields, you can now register at CSS-Tricks. I sexy'd it all up with this plugin and this plugin.


The Designer's Review of Books

I really like this blog. Definitely the place to stop first when looking for a new design book to get. It's where I learned about this Free PDF of a great upcoming book.


  1. Has anyone tryed this IE PNG fix? Is it any good?

  2. skusza
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    trying to implement right now! the unit png fix tutorial works well, although it stilll leaves a white border for some of the images?!?hopefully chris will help out with instructions on this new discovery!=)

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    It would be even greater if the reported (he says so himself) memory leaks could get fixed. If a multi-png-using webpage gets really slow, like pauses when scrolling or takes longer to load, IE6 users could get so bored that they refuse to visit said webpage.

    Although, it could also suffice for a subtle-please-upgrade-your-browser-message.

  4. Thanks for the mention – hope you enjoy some of the great books we will be reviewing soon. The next one is one of my favourites of the year.

    • Abdullah Al-Ageel
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      I just wanna try the new threaded comments :)

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    I just tried DD belated png on a project and it worked perfectly, way better then the jquery or any other fixes I’ve tried before on first try.

    I’m really impressed.

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