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Published by Chris Coyier

Line Height Abnormal

Eric Meyer digs into some of the peculiarities of line-height:

Here’s the punchline: the effects of declaring line-height: normal not only vary from browser to browser, which I had expected—in fact, quantifying those differences was the whole point—but they also vary from one font face to another, and can also vary within a given face.


Setting a Body ID (with PHP)

I've mentioned the powers of giving your body tags an ID about a million times here on CSS-Tricks, so I figured this was highly appropriate. Trevor Davis shares his technique on how he sets this using PHP. Basically it analyzes the URL to see what sub-directory you are in and sets it based on that.


YCodaSlider (v2.0)

My favorite jQuery-based "slider" has gone v2.0.



Instant Rimshot & Sad Trombone


  1. the correct name is YCodaSlider. thank you, though.

  2. Changed that.

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