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Published by Chris Coyier

Homer Simpson with Pure CSS

"If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing." - Homer Simpson


Why Shit Matters To Design

"If you want to create work of significance, you need to create a lot of shit" - Allan Chochinov


One-Pixel Notched Corners

As seen in Google Analytics and more recently, WordPress 2.5 admin, one-pixel notched corners are the new rounded corners. I'm not sure I like it yet, maybe I'll come around.


Confessions of a CSS Developer

I'm a totally guilty of most of this. I also have plenty of my own. Am I aware of how much sprites speed up pages and exactly how to use them? Yes. Do I use them every time I should? Eff no.


Helvetica T-Shirt

Oh, Helvetica. I want you on my body.


51 jQuery Tutorials

Noupe is always rocking out with these huge roundups. As a jQuery padawan, it's really helping me out.


  1. Thanks Chris for the mention, you got nice jquery tutorials that we couldn’t miss :)

  2. i’m flattered to be linked to, but I’m not the author of “Homer CSS” and I do like to give credit to the real author of that incredible and very interesting use of CSS, actually I already did it that post… I guess coz the post is in Russian..

    The credit should really go to Roman Cortes:

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