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Published by Chris Coyier

Clearing absolutely positioned elements fixes IE bug

The actual title of the article is "CSS - An Absolute Mess", but I retitled it here to something less linkbaity and more accurate. Nonetheless, a valid fix for something IE normally borks.


Who Should Redesign?

Another one of these design-related hot-or-not style sites where you vote on if a site should redesign or not. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes....


Accordian to who?

Couple of great accordian examples last week. Rob shows us a darn clever way to handle it with CSS only. David shows us how to make an accordian with MooTools. I love just how smooth MooTools animations feel sometimes.


Tomorrow's CSS Today

Tim Wright talks about progressive enhancement through CSS with some of the features of CSS3 (and some CSS2.1). Stuff like :first-child, :target and border-radius can make great visual enhancements for modern browsers that support them, yet carry no penalty (degrade gracefully) for browsers that don't. Multi column layouts.... that's a different story.


CSS Variables

We are going to be just like real programmers now, with variables and everything. Co-authored by David Hyatt of Apple.


  1. Thanks, always find these link posts useful.

  2. Aqualung
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    Very nice links! love the CSS3 border-radius

  3. That article about CSS variables is very interesting.. I hope it will be implemented, it would make CSS coding a lot easier.

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