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Published by Chris Coyier

I get asked from time to time to do more stuff about Joomla. Joomla just happens to be one of those things I know very little about. I've never worked with it and I haven't run across the need for it just yet. I tend to reach for WordPress by default because I'm really comfortable with it and I feel like I can do about anything I want to do with it. However, there are some scenarios that I know I would reach for Joomla instead:

  • Site need a lot of user management (lots of users with different roles)
  • Site was built from a lot of "modules", as in, lots of different style pages built from reusable blocks

Fortunately, I'm extra prepared now, because I have Joomla! Template Design that Packt Publishing was nice enough to send me. The book is an in-depth step-by-step through building a theme and is up to date with the current version of Joomla!

The book is a pretty nice walkthrough of building a site completely from scratch, and does a good job of focusing on the modular style of Joomla!. It even covers some bonus stuff like building dropdown menus from your content.

Win a Free Copy of Joomla Template Design

I have an extra copy of this book to give away to one of you. We'll run it just like we did the jQuery book giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post with "Joomla!" somewhere in the text and that's good enough to enter. Please use your real email (will never be published or shared), so I can reach you if you win.

If you do win, I'll shoot you an email to get your mailing address and then I'll drop it in the mail for you.


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  1. Josh
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    Chris, I would definitely enjoy reading the Joomla! Template Design book. Consider this an entry.

  2. it could be really usefoul!
    let’s try to win it :)

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    I’m an developer and would love to get into this Joomla! thing. Thanks :)

  4. Kevin
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    Chris, thanks for the contest and for all the useful info. Keep it up!

  5. Brian Klepper
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    I would love “Joomla!”

  6. Will
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    mmmm… yeah…. css chris pimping joomla.
    i’d like to see that.


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    I am currently building a template in Joomla! and I am very impressed so far. This book would really help me in my development. Thanks.

    You may want to add a link to Amazon if people just want to buy it.
    link text

  8. Antti Mattila
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    I’d really love the book. I have “study Joomla!” on my to-do list (and it’s been there for a while), this book might just push me over the edge to start learning it.


  9. mikemc
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    “Joomla!” Boomla!

  10. Donna
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    I would definitely benefit from this book. Trying to learn joomla on my own is slow going. Thanks!

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    Joomla rocks!!! Another entry..

  12. Matthew Sands
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    Chris I am currently working on a design for a online magazine that will have joomla manage all my content. I too have never worked with joomla, so this would be a much appreciated book to have. Thanks Chris

  13. Chris
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    Looks like a good read.


  14. Carlos Torres
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    I recently started (a couple of months ago) as a freelance Web Developer using PHP, MySQL and CSS techniques, and was not a big fan of using Joomla!

    But after I’ve found all kinds of resources that can be exploted with Joomla! I’m definitely going to use it more.

    Count me in!

  15. David
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    Would server as a great resource to learn Joomla!

  16. Marcus_Leuver
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    I am quite interested in the offer! I have always wanted to give Joomla! a try.

    Also, “Joomla!”

  17. Always wanted to learn more about Joomla templates…. I’ll have to look for this is I don’t win it. :)

    Joomla Joomla Joomla Joomla Joomla Joomla Joomla Joomla Joomla…

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    Joomla! is still my favourite CMS (although I would also want to learn some Drupal). I’ve had some serious struggles with Joomla!’s way of creating templates (especially because Joomla! places it in tables and works with “build-in” classes), so I hope this book helps me understand the CMS even more to create more beautiful templates :) .

    Thanks for this oppertunity Chris, keep up the good work!

  19. Oh boy, Joomla! template design is what’s dragged me down for the last few years.

  20. rick
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    I’m a developer who’s getting into web design. I’d like to learn how to customize/template Joomla!

  21. G
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    I would love to learn more about Joomla!

  22. Permalink to comment#

    I always wanted to learn more about Joomla as well.

  23. For anyone interested, there’s also a Joomla Security book available from Packt (and about 7 others).

  24. Will
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    I’d really like to win this Joomla! book.

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    Joomla is an award-winning content management system

  26. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! is definitely something I would like to experiment with. Maybe this is a good chance to start

  27. Let’s Joomla! nice contest, great site!

  28. Joomla! is fun to say. Although I’m uncertain exactly how much overpronunciation that extra ! at the end requires.

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    It’s time for me to move from DotNetNuke to “Joomla!” :D

  30. Joshua McNeal
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    Count me in…. “Joomla!”

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    Joomla! is great for a website that has a lot of users publishing content.

  32. I haven’t had to use it yet either, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. It would be great to get that Joomla! book and be ready.

  33. Brian
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    Joomla! looks really interesting.

  34. Permalink to comment#

    Would like to learn more about Joomla! and this would be a good way…

  35. i’ll take the joomla book off your hands! :D

  36. Pablo Cordero
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    I have never used Joomla! but I hear it is great, would love to give it a try in a future project. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Anne
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    I’m just starting to get into Joomla, so the book would be quite handy!

  38. I have a few of my sites that use Joomla! and could find it very useful. Have you given any thought to doing any screencasts or content on Drupal?

    • I have developed a few sites with Joomla! and it’s no easy task to get started out. This book is really helpful for learning where to start. Our network site is built with Joomla!, but we’re thinking about moving to Drupal for the next iteration. I’ve never used Drupal, but I’m assuming it is very similar to Joomla!

    • I enjoy working with Drupal over Joomla! because of the cleaner markup. I find I can control the layout and markup of Drupal a lot more then I can with Joomla!

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    I’ve enjoyed using Joomla as well, once you can wrap your mind around some of their CMS concepts.

  40. Permalink to comment#

    I want to learn more about Joomla by book, it’s a complex CMS to comprehend.

  41. Eduardo
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    It’s always good to have several alternatives to all we do, and Joomla is a great one!

  42. Wow, there are already a lot of these! I’d like to enter as well for a chance at the Joomla! book. I think it’s a great, powerful too. I have another Joomla book that’s quite useful, and manage Joomla sites. Thanks so much!

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    Joomla!-Giveaways on CSS-Blogs ftw!

  44. Joomla raux!!!

  45. Permalink to comment#

    I’ve never really looked into Joomla! yet, but I’ve certainly heard about it quite a bit and I’m sure it must be quite useful. Would be interested in looking into it more.

  46. I’ve been looking a bit more at Joomla lately. (there is said it). I too reach for wordpress most of the time but wonder if it’s really always the best option.

  47. I bought two books from Pakt publishing for Mambo a while back, they were great books and very informative. And that’s why I want this Joomla book :D

  48. Ryan
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    I’ve tried Joomla! before, but I found that making a template from scratch was a lot more complicated than making a WordPress theme. A book would sure help!

  49. Grace Grillo
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    I have just been asked to build a site using Joomla. This book would be very helpful!

  50. Mike
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    Chris, I know only one will be blessed with the joomla book. But I think it would be awsome if u did a screencast about joomla. Then we all could benifit.

  51. BradP
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    Joomla! is getting to be quite robust. Thanks for the chance to win “Joomla!”

  52. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla is very interesting. I need something like this.

  53. Leon A
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    Would love to learn more about Joomla as I too tend to gravitate towards WordPress.

  54. Matt Hollis
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    Joomla!…Joomla!…Joomla!…Joomla!…MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

  55. Joomla me!

  56. jorge
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    i really need that Joomla! book…

  57. Mark
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    I’ve never quite understood the point of “Joomla!” but I would like to learn

  58. Jeff Hoffman
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    I am actually on the other boat. I have always guided towards Joomla! for most of my projects, but I am now starting to gravitate towards WordPress especially for smaller sites.

  59. HELMS
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    I’m learning Joomla! now, and this would be very helpful. Love you site, keep up the good work.

  60. Marcus
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    Grrr… you made me give up my role of anonimous-daily-reader just the slight chance of being able to expand my CMS knowledge without constantly looking at a screen. Strange enough, Joomla was my introduction to CMS in general. After that, for some unknown reason, I never used it again.

  61. Permalink to comment#

    I live in Norway. Am I qualified for this?

  62. DExcode
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    This Joomla book would help me while I am coding. I also mainly use WordPress but am tempted with Joomla

  63. Hey Chris – what rhymes with Boomla? No? Joomla!

  64. always wanted to learn Joomla!

  65. I’ve been considering building a site with Joomla, getting this book would push me over the edge.

  66. This book would be nice stepping into Joomla!’s world. :-)

  67. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! Is that anything like Jumanji? Thanks for the chance!

  68. I always wanted to learn more about Joomla. WordPress is great but sometimes I need to learn something a bit more robust.


  69. William Hernandez
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    I have been meaning to study “Joomla!”. Thanks for the reminder!

  70. giles
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    i got into learning about joomla a while back, but neglected to get really familiar…this might help!

  71. Permalink to comment#


    I am actually researching Joomla as a possibility for a site redesign for a client that wants multiple users with specific content, this would help a lot.

  72. Permalink to comment#

    We’re a agency in London and we just used a Joomla Template to create our internal Wiki, it great, because it is so robust and never fails to do what you want it to do! Good Blog keep it up!

  73. Permalink to comment#

    I’ve built a couple of Joomla! sites and I like it so far.

  74. Permalink to comment#

    Been reading and learning from your site for a while now.

    Joomla! me.

  75. Permalink to comment#


    Joomla !

    Joomla !
    Haha, fingers crossed I win!

  76. Permalink to comment#

    I’ve been trying out Joomla! a bit recently. I’d like to see what else you can do with it design-wise.

  77. jason buck
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    I know nothing about Joomla! But I a willing to Learn!

  78. Chris Clark
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    I’ve tinkered with Joomla! but ran into a wall with templates, so this would be an excellent resource!

  79. SwissWebMiss
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    Is it my birthday???

    I just signed a new client that INSISTED on developing their site in Joomla and I am terrible with Joomla’s templates….why can’t all CMS be the same!

    This book will be super helpful – who knows, maybe I’ll become a Joomla believer!

  80. Mmmm, Joomla! Sweet, delicious Joomla! Oops, I’m thinking about Jambalaya.

  81. Keith
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    I have been wanting to learn Joomla and a book about it would make it much easier. So…


  82. Craig
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    I just started learning jQuery thanks to your book recommendations, but Joomla would be good too!

  83. weezer
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    content management is awesome


  84. Austin
    Permalink to comment#

    Well, I could always use the experience.

    I tried Drupal, now let’s try Joomla!

  85. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla is my favorite CMS

  86. Permalink to comment#

    WordPress is still my favorite, but I enjoy working with Joomla! too. Having a book like this would be a great asset. Thanks.

  87. Nish
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  88. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla baby!

  89. Permalink to comment#

    I create Joomla! templates, so that book could be very helpful because I still have problems with harder things like editing modules view. Greetings from Poland :)

  90. Rod
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    Joomla rocks… Joomla is cool… Joomla is for me! Thanks for thinking of us!

  91. Permalink to comment#

    Why are there so many ugly CMS websites out there? Because people don’t know how to put a decent template together. I hope this book sells a million copies – it would make the web a prettier place.

  92. Matt Hale
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    How usefull would Joomla be? don’t know yet

  93. Permalink to comment#

    I wanna win Joomla! :-)

  94. SteveO
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    Joomla ;-)

  95. Permalink to comment#

    Winning is the game, and building Joomla is my aim. Count me in to win!!!!

  96. Paul
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    Love you Chris!!@!


  97. thd
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    Joomla! power :P

  98. amazingrando
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    I would love a copy of that book. Joomla!

  99. Silvio Vallejos
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    I know very little about Joomla as well. So needless to say that this book would be perfect for me. Please put my name in the hat. Thanks!

  100. Irfan
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    I develop plugins, components and modules for Joomla but making templates for Joomla had always been pain for me. This book will really help me. Would love to get a copy of it :)

  101. Hassan
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    I hate joomla! :) Just kidding!

  102. Does Joomla! make people crazy? People either love or hate it..

  103. Permalink to comment#

    I like Joomla

  104. Jaydubya
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    mmmm… Joomla …

  105. Bill
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    Joomla! Would be nice to add to my library.

  106. Permalink to comment#

    I am feeling lucky! Joomla, Joomla, joomla! Thanks for the offer Chris!

  107. Diego
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    I want a free book of “Joomla!” :D

  108. Joomla is a PHP based content mangement system released under GNU GPL License

    Joomla! is a free, open source content management system for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets

    Joomla! – the dynamic portal engine and content management system

  109. Perfect timing – I’m just getting ready to start work on a Joomla site, so I will need all the help I can get. Thanks!

  110. Michael Nielsen
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    Joomla, I think that justifies an entry Chris!

  111. Permalink to comment#



    • Chris Gedrim
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      FAIL? You didn’t include ‘Joomla!’ in your comment!

  112. Permalink to comment#

    I go this book when I found myself in about the exact same situation as you are. Although, the book is really a easy read and sums it all up pretty well, I still think there’s nothing like WordPress ;-)

  113. Dana Severance
    Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! is something that I’ve been wanting to learn and simply haven’t had the time yet. Something like this book would likely facilitate that process to the point where I couldn’t put it off anymore. :P

  114. Chris Gedrim
    Permalink to comment#

    The Scout group I used to be a leader at used Joomla! as their websites back-end, I tried and failed to get my head round it!

  115. My employer uses Joomla for our site, and I do some work on the template. This would be super-useful!

  116. Whoops, should have typed Joomla! with the exclamation point!

  117. Denzil Rowe
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    I would love to learn how to create Joomla! templates. Thanks

  118. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! is something that sits there in Cpanel just waiting for me to toy with, yet I have not jumped in. I do development for my own small family of sites, consider myself an amateur and maybe something like this platform is what I need.

    Anyhow, love the site, keep all the good stuff coming!

  119. Joomla! :D
    I want this one

  120. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! Would love this book!

  121. Permalink to comment#

    One day on my way to a tea party with my friend “Joomla”, I came across a giant that was also named “Joomla”. So I invited it to come to the to tea party, and we sang “There’s no tea party like my Joomla’s tea party” all night long.


  122. Photomax
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    Tried Joomla. In fact I tired a bunch of the CMS platforms out there. In the end I went with MODx which I think is a great CMS for web designers…

  123. Permalink to comment#

    joomla schmoomla

  124. Permalink to comment#

    Boy, I’d like to learn more about Joomla!

  125. Brandon
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    I could definitely use this book, but I highly doubt I will win this because the number of entries. I would use it to expand my knowledge as I had to let someone else at my IT place code a template into Joomla! CMS and that was very depressing as I like to code my own designs but I unfortunately I was not familiar with Joomla! at that time.


  126. Alex
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    I’d really like to win this Joomla! book.

  127. Permalink to comment#

    I could use this book. I work a lot with WP and Drupal, and some MODxCMS but haven’t really gotten into Joomla yet, so this is worth a try.


  128. I’ve only ever made WordPress plugins from your tutorial. Now it’s onto Joomla!

  129. uma
    Permalink to comment#

    Let me try the fruit

  130. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla isn’t half bad once you get the hang of it. True that it isn’t the perfect solution for everyone and every site, but it does have its purpose. I’m definitely going to be checking more into WordPress.

  131. Joomla! sounds very interesting, I’d like to win this to extend my skills.

  132. “Joomla!” somewhere in the text…

    Thanks, Mikey!

  133. Jan-Willem Drees
    Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! is already a gift on its own!

  134. Permalink to comment#

    I love Joomla! Hope I win the book. It’d be useful for sure.

  135. Would love to win this joomla book… it is an area where i need to learn more!

  136. I could use another Joomla book, even though I run a podcast about Joomla. :)

  137. I’ve just started my first web design job and one of my tasks is to learn the backend of joomla and create custom templates for it, just like I am currently doing with wordpress. This book would really set me on my way.

  138. Permalink to comment#

    I can haz winning Joomla book copiez, pleez?

  139. Haven’t had a chance to work with Joomla, but I would love to learn more about it.
    Wish I had more time :)

  140. I’ve been contemplating at least trying to learn Joomla for donkeys now – this book would be awesome!

  141. Permalink to comment#

    Hey I have used “Joomla!” for quite some time and I like it ;)

  142. Brandon Dahl
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    Joomla! I love it!

  143. Permalink to comment#

    Her damit! or in English “Give it to me” ;-)

  144. Permalink to comment#

    I’d like to win a Joomla book! Really cool program.

  145. nate
    Permalink to comment#

    I don’t know what I think of “Joomla!” maybe this book will convince me otherwise, but right now I think that wordpress rocks much more than “Joomla!”

    and CSS-tricks rocks the house.

  146. Derek
    Permalink to comment#

    We use Joomla! at work. This would be a great addition to my library.

    Thank you!

  147. Just leave a comment on this post with “Joomla!” somewhere in the text and that’s good enough to enter.

  148. Did someone say Joomla!?

  149. Permalink to comment#

    Why don’t you use Joomla! for your blog. Is it hard to do so?

  150. Caanan
    Permalink to comment#

    I’ve used Joomla! for several sites, including a couple of Home Owners’ Association sites.

  151. It never hurts to learn new things. So, Joomla! it is!

  152. kevinsturf
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    this book would be great for me in terms of understanding joomla better and able to theme it.

  153. ZaF
    Permalink to comment#

    I really like Joomla!. I use it from time to time for my clients.

  154. DarkHorseAD
    Permalink to comment#

    I’ve been using Joomla for 1.5 years and it is great. I love it. It is difficult to learn if you don’t know where to get started.

    This template book is actually a very simple and easy way to get started with templates. It is how I first learned.

    Other great resources are’s training videos, and also there are some great free video resources if you look around.

  155. Hi Chris,

    I currently use Drupal as my main cms system, as well as starting to get into WordPress more as its so popular and a truly amazing system.
    I used to use Joomla! back a few years ago and would love to get back into it. The book sounds like it could be pretty good.

    Whats your thoughts on Joomla! 1.5? Right now with the sites I develop Drupal has always come out on top as the right player for the site…but Im wondering about whether to actually consider Joomla! more. Your thoughts?

  156. Neil Hyde
    Permalink to comment#

    Loves me the Joomla!

  157. Jean-Marc
    Permalink to comment#

    For the moment i don’t like joomla. let’s read the book and change my . of view

  158. Journalism / Web student here that would love to learn Joomla.

  159. Quentin Karmark
    Permalink to comment#

    Who doesn’t like free stuff? ;) I still haven’t even ‘graduated’ from WordPress yet, so Joomla! could be overkill at this point, but your site is starting to make that more of a reality everyday….. keep it up!

  160. carlos rubio
    Permalink to comment#

    Thanks for focusing on Joomla, I need as much help as I can get.

    Great site.

  161. Matt
    Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! is an awesome CMS!

  162. Matt
    Permalink to comment#

    Funny, I just downloaded Joomla! today to see how it would work for an intranet solution. This book looks like a great guide!

  163. Ciaran
    Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! ummm hummmm

  164. Megan
    Permalink to comment#

    I have been using drupal lately but have heard of how great Joomla! actually is and would love to try it, so this book would really help me grasp templates and learn how to use it well.

  165. Joomla! Looks like an awesome book!

  166. Permalink to comment#

    Un libro gratis…joomla :)

  167. Permalink to comment#

    i work with it since one year and i really would like to start building templates from my own, insetad of fight everyday with someone elses code…

  168. nikkischroeher
    Permalink to comment#

    Joomla template design – this is just what I need…I just got started with Joomla, so this would be a great resource tool!

  169. Permalink to comment#

    Yeah!! I would be soooo happy to get it! Will need to learn it now anyway (so decided by my manager :P) I would even pay the parcel, for sending it to japan!

  170. Permalink to comment#

    Freebies Rock! Joomla! (Thanks) ~Joy

  171. This would be great as I just started learning joomla.

  172. Kevin
    Permalink to comment#


  173. My experience with Joomla! has been pleasant in general. It is incredibly powerful, and, in the process, incredibly complex.

    Oh, and for safe measure: “Joomla!”

  174. enderst
    Permalink to comment#

    because i need all the help with Joomla! i can get

  175. Permalink to comment#

    Hey Joomla ya monkey : )

  176. Joomla, Joomla, Joomla, Joomla is so much better than Expression Engine. In 1 1/2 years with EE and 2 weeks with Joomla, Joomla wins hands down.

  177. Permalink to comment#

    I’ll throw my name in the hat. Joomla.

  178. Permalink to comment#

    I used Joomla! everyday for my work, so it would be nice to see how my templating goes and maybe learn some stuff I don’t know.

  179. balgguybill
    Permalink to comment#

    Hey, cool!! I use Joomla!

  180. Gwen
    Permalink to comment#

    I’d love to win the book since I’m currently taking a grad course on building sites with Joomla!

  181. jons
    Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris, I could definitely use a good resource to learn Joomla! – thanks for the chance!

  182. Permalink to comment#

    JOOMLA me likes!

  183. Anton
    Permalink to comment#

    Joomla is cool but I never got the chance to dig in doing templates. This book would be awesome!

  184. Ben
    Permalink to comment#

    Hi Chris,
    I found Joomla easy to use but difficult to learn. This book would be a great resource. Thanks for all of your work on this and all your other sites.

  185. Permalink to comment#


    I’m a college student currently in the process of learning web design, I’ve created templates for other content management systems like Expression Engine… although I’d sure love to learn Joomla!

    Anyways, thanks again for the great site.

  186. For me and my friend, just started learning about Joomla! templates, this would be great!

  187. Arthur
    Permalink to comment#

    I love WordPress, but definetely would love to know more about Joomla! :P hope to read that book soon.

  188. Sasha
    Permalink to comment#

    I’m keen to learn some Joomla!

  189. Permalink to comment#

    I would love to win this Joomla! book since I would like to start using joomla!. many request out thre for building Joomla! websites.
    If had this book I would sit down for a few days stright and get my first joomla site up and running and just be so happy.
    Get myself half a litter of premium Goldstar beer and sip it down with joy.
    Hope I get picked.
    keep those amazing and most helpfull podcast coming.
    Adam :)

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    hmmm, what word did I need to put in the comment again? Oh yes, Joomla…..

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    For a new project I have to learn Joomla! (instead of drupal), and this would be a nice help!

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    We used Joomla 1.5 last time. For those you have not much time to design an individual template, wordpress is the better shot i guess.
    I think i will stay on wordpress for now.

  193. Although i really prefer WordPress… also Joomla rocks and remind me about some good time in webdesigning

  194. Ahmed
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    I have built a site in Joomla! many years ago when I was new to web design/development. Now i use WordPress but use Joomla! on a day to day basis on many sites!

  195. Med
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    Learning more & more about joomla!

  196. Nitzan
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    That would be a great help if this book could be mine! I’m a Joomla fun but still learning… I wish I could join Adam for the Goldstar beer!

  197. bramn
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    I went to the shrink the other day, because I keep shouting “Joomla!” randomly when I’m taking the bus, he said it was okay, but there was one thing I definitely needed to do, which was entering this contest. So here I am! :-)

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    Jag tycker det är dax att en svensk vinner denna bok om Joomla!

  199. bennythemink
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    short and witty remark encompassing the word Joomla!

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    Wow 200+ posts. Well done!


  201. Rocky
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    wanna to work with cms & joomla is rocking for that!!

  202. Permalink to comment#

    I have finally made the leap to Joomla! 1.5 this week. This book would help me master my template design skills.

    Joomla! rocks…

  203. Nitescu Adrian
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    I would definitely want this book!! all your tutorials helped me out allot so far, so adding a book to my collection of gathered tutorials from your site would help me out even more in my quest to learn web-programming!

    PS: if you guys had problems with the speed of download on the site, it was probably me mass-clicking all possible download buttons =)) … “Pretty buttons” :o

    Good luck to everyone, and for Chris, thumbs up on your hard and great work!

  204. Permalink to comment#

    I started with Joomla! before moving to WordPress but I would like to come back to it now because I think it is more suitable for my current projects.

    WordPress is all good but you quickly reach the limit when it is down to user managment or modularity.

  205. Permalink to comment#

    Yes please for a copy of Joomla


  206. Permalink to comment#

    Wow – I keep meaning to get my teeth into Joomla, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps this could help…….

  207. Permalink to comment#

    I need “Joomla!” Template Design. I realy need it. Realy. Realy. :D

  208. Joomla!

  209. Abdullah
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    I wouldn’t mind one. JOOMLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Joomla! hmm.. not bad …

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    this joomla template design book would come in handy for an upcoming project…

    thank you.

  212. eniak
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    I run a website on Joomla, and this book would enhance my development!

  213. Suciu Vlad
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    I’m now using another CMS at work (blame my boss) and I miss Joomla! so much :|
    Building skins and templates for this CMS is a lot harder and unefficient than doing the same thing for Joomla! :\

  215. shahin
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    please compare among joomla and drupal

  216. Silverthan
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    I would really love the book about joomla!


  217. Joomla!

  218. I love working with Joomla! and is my favorite CMS tus far. But if you’re looking for User management, that is where Drupal really excels.

  219. Permalink to comment#

    I’m about to move a friend’s site over to Joomla, but I don’t want to use an off the shelf template, I’d rather design and build my own. I’d love a copy of this book!


  220. Neil Morgan
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    I’ve just been introduced to the wonders of Joomla!. This book would be a brilliant help to me.

  221. Dominic
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    J oom laj oo mla jo oml a – jo om lajoom – lajo oml a! Jo omla joomla.

  222. Dominic
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  223. I love working with Joomla when I design sites with a lot of interactivity. I designed my Lunch Selector using Joomla I would love to win this book so that I could make beautiful Joomla Sites

  224. Rachel
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    Joomla! Thanks, Chris for introducing me to this cool new resource.

  225. tozebaiao
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    Hi guys, count me in!

  226. jitendra.web
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    Chris Welcome in Joomla! now joomla community will get some quality stuff

  227. Mike Houghton
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    I need to make my first Joomla! template next month, and I’m hoping that I’ll soon find out that I no longer need to buy the book!

  228. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla! yet another CMS to learn.

  229. Joomla! X infinity!!! With..YES with!! sugar on top!!

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    Joomla! what’s in your wallet?

  231. Permalink to comment#

    I love “Joomla!” and “WordPress!”

  232. Ruth Rusch
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    Is it too late to enter to win the Joomla! Template design book? I hope not. From the description you gave of the book, Chris, this sounds like a good way for a newbie to begin learning. Hope to hear from you!

  233. R_Rodriguezz
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    oh you just touch my jomla la la la la!

  234. “Joomla!”“Joomla!”“Joomla!”“Joomla!” I love “Joomla!”“Joomla!”“Joomla!”. And I want to master “Joomla!”“Joomla!”“Joomla!”…. This is a great site I love your work!!!!!!!! I hope I win my “Joomla!” book.

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    “Joomla!” Template Design book, will you marrie me? :)

  236. Zach
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    interested to read more about Joomla!

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    I am moving 2 of my sites to Joomla and this book would be the best i can get for my ebook reader, so this is my try.
    Thanks for the site too!

  238. Elizabeth
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    Joomla. Joomla. Joomla.

    I’m broke & work at a nonprofit.

    Please help!

  239. Nicole Domanski
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    Love to learn more about Joomla!

  240. Rasha
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  241. Josh
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    Gotta love Joomla!

  242. I use Joomla in my company. is very nice CMS. Regards from Venezuela

  243. Joe
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    My upcoming project I have to use Joomla. Like you I’ve always been more into WP but its time I learned something new.

    It looks like my odds of actually winning this book are pretty poor though =(

    But glad to see you have such a large subscriber base =)

  244. talon
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    Have you checked out ModX ? I’m definitely new to Content Management, but have been doing some research for a project and this one seems pretty cool.

    I wonder how it compares to Joomla!

    Thank you and Keep up the great work, Chris!

  245. Omid
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    I really would enjoy the JOOMLA! book because Joomla! is the CMS I use the most.

  246. Chris
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    I’d like to learn how to design templates in Joomla! Thanks!

  247. I’ve used Joomla! for a while now and, although not as cool as WordPress, it’s a great tool with lots of features.

    This book would be nice to have when modifying my theme using one of your great tutorials.

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    Good morning.

    this book is for joomla 1.0.8 but the last version is joomla 1.5.9.
    and thre is big deference between the 1.0.x and 1.5.x. and after months the Joomla comunity will launch the 1.6.x of the CMS and stop support of the 1.0.x

    big thanks

  249. I’ve been trying to decide among a few different content management systems for an upcoming site. So far, I’ve been most eager to learn Joomla! I’d love to be able to apply what I regularly learn on CSS-Tricks in a Joomla template.

  250. Alvin
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  251. rich
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    I wouldn’t mind learning Joomla. I’ve heard its tough to get throuh.

  252. Kiko Jover
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    What a lot of people interested in Joomla !! Chris, we need more about design in Joomla, i’ll keep an eye on this blog ;-)

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    About to do a freebie cms site for breast cancer motorcycle ride…. this book sure would come at an opportune time!

  254. SteveO
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    Joomla! That books looks like a good resource for Joomla! template developers.

  255. Joomla! Rocks!

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    um…. Joomla

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    Aahhhhh…. The best gift a designer(new zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) can ever get from a designer himself. And hopefully The Joomla geek. Aint I true?

  258. Galago
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    Ahem… cough


  259. Martin
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    I’d love this book. Joomla! rocks, but man those templates are a pain in the (fill in body part here).

    Hope I win… the Joomla! Template Design book

  260. I think it’s easier to desing a Joomla! template than a WordPress temaplate

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  262. Permalink to comment#

    I think it’s will be great book

  263. Nice. I’m using Joomla! for more than two years now. Great CMS!

  264. Linzi
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    I too am a total ‘Noob’ when it comes to Joomla! I could certainly put this book to very good use.

  265. Damon
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    Winning this book would allow me to learn even more about Joomla. Thanks for offering this book.

  266. Siewlee
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    Hi Chris, if i win this Joomla Template Design Book, it’ll be my happiest day in this year 2009! I have been waiting for this book. Joomla is the best! Yeah!

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    Joomla! all the way!

  268. Caleb
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    Joomla…. it’s sounds like puma or some sort of tribal name

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    I’ve been wanting to learn more about using Joomla, so a book on template design would be great for me.

  270. Permalink to comment#

    I have deployed several Joomla websites for clients and have been able to help them “grow” their websites by offering to add new modules. I think this is one strength of Joomla. I could really use the book!

  271. Snookerman
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    Hey Chris, I would really like to learn how to use Joomla because I am a total beginner. Thanks!

  272. JOOMLA! I love joomla and use it all the time, it would be AWESOME to have this book to further expound my knowledge. Joomla woohoo!!!

  273. I think Joomla is one of the best content management systems!

  274. Rob
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    Joomla! love to win this book :)

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    almooj, i mean Joomla! i could really use this book

  276. Connor
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    Definitely a great thing to have! Starting Joomla education without a guide can be a pain.

  277. Joomla! Baby needs a wrapper for his Moodle….

  278. Permalink to comment#

    I want the book because my Metal Band wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have a Joomlaut on its logo.

  279. Permalink to comment#

    Would love to have a Joomla book, particularly a template one!

  280. Permalink to comment#

    I Joomla! you ^^

  281. Permalink to comment#

    Joomla is definitely the answer – but the question varies…

  282. Nate
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    Joomla!, Joomla! Joomla!….. Cheers.

  283. I’m getting started with Joomla now and this book would really help me out.
    thanks for the opportunity!!

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    Huh, Joomla! Sure!

  285. ardhian.satrya
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    ALMOOJ !!! uppsss….I type it wrongly, I guess :p

  286. Ray Pimienta
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    Joomla! Woooo!

  287. Permalink to comment#

    I would LOVE to own a copy of the Joomla! Template Design book! Count me in…

  288. Permalink to comment#

    I’m like you. I feel I can do with WordPress anything that Joomla does…for now.

  289. Jeremy
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    I agree with David regarding my needs with WordPress versus “Joomla!” The former can do anything I would need the latter to do.

  290. Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris, I’m in the same boat as you are regarding knowing Joomla!. I would love to learn it. So please throw me in the hat too. Thanks.

  291. Permalink to comment#

    I would love to learn more about Joomla! I have just started learning it but the learning curve is steep!!

  292. Permalink to comment#

    There’s a fantastic database application development tool for Joomla! called Fabrik ( We’re just getting our feet wet with it, but it’s the reason we chose Joomla! over WP for our main site when we redesigned.

  293. Permalink to comment#

    I think its a must this book. I would like to read it too.

  294. God, let me win. Please! :p

  295. beschneider
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    Yeah, I really like such give-aways, especially this one.
    I recently started getting into the matter of Joomla! and would be really pleased about a copy of this book. I’m looking forward to the drawing. ;-) Greetings!

  296. Hi Chris,
    I recently came upon your site (seraching for css tutorials). I started watching you videos. You have a good approach to teachng various techniques. I would like to see a video on Joomla(after you finished the book)

  297. Bobby Phillipps
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    Joomla! Joomla! Joomla! Joomla’s super powerful, and I’d love to have a good resource to help build themes for it. Good luck everyone!

  298. Jono
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    when does this Joomla! contest finish? hopefully it hasn’t already!

  299. abyss
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    O boy, I am desperately seeking a book like that on Joomla! templates!

  300. I’ve just started getting into Joomla so this book will come in handy.

  301. Robert Lewis
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  302. Anamika
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    It would be nice to have a copy of this book; As I’m having SO much trouble trying to make myself a theme for my Animal Rights Website.

  303. Heyyyyyyyyyyy this is amazingggggggggggggg!
    Walaaaah Joomla!
    This book is mineeeeeeeee!!!

  304. I mostly work with Drupal, but I would love to expand my skill set to include Joomla!

  305. Bill
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    Chris… the Joomla book offer is very nice. I have been following this site from the beginning… and have seen the magnitude of wonderful CSS and a great deal more than that…that you have freely given in order that the inspirational and creative element that is the “web” remains foever robust while eqiually enchanting. I’d say.. “keep up the good work” if I didn’t know you better. I think you had code in your DNA before CSS was even invented. Cool huh? Thanks for everything.

  306. Bob Schnick
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    Am I too late for Joomla?

  307. Branden
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    JOOMLA! forever?

  308. It’s quite hard to found some great stuff’s with a good teaching for things like that.
    This book can help a lot. Sometimes is better you personalize a wonderful CMS
    like joomla than make the whole code by youself. Joomla Rocks!

  309. Still in time? :)

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