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Happy Halloween

Published by Chris Coyier

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript got invited to a halloween party. They decided they would all dress up as each other!

HTML went as JavaScript:

<div id="pumpkin" onclick="alert('Boo!');"></div>

JavaScript went as CSS:

var jackolantern = document.getElementById('pumpkin'); = "orange"; = "black";

CSS went as HTML:

#pumpkin:before {
   content: "Happy Halloween!";

Happy Halloween everyone!


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    Funny idea! :-) Happy halloween too..boohoooo!

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    cute =)

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    haha! nice

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    Nice costumes ;) Happy Halloween =D

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    I don’t understand it. Why you post this nonsense post?

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      He used html to call a javascript function (aka html dressed as javascript). He used the javascript to style the div (aka javascript dressed as css) and finally he used CSS to put the text in the html tag (aka css dressed as html).

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      Thanks. Now I got it.

    • for a bit of Holiday fun i’d imagine :)

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    That’s pretty good :p

  8. Russ
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    Nicely done, I tip my hat, sir.

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    Lol, this is super-geek stuff.

    Happy Halloween Chris


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    Ha, clever.

  11. Happy Geeky-Halloween to you too, Chris !

  12. Haha, very good :)

  13. haha thats awesome!

  14. Happy Halloween! Thanks for the geek ‘costume’! :D

  15. Haha I can imagine this as a terribly geeky children’s storybook. :)

  16. jack
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    this seems like its probably pretty funny…but…i have to say…i dont get it…please someone explain it to me…i think im just not nerdy enough…im trying…im trying

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      Refer to Adam’s earlier comment: “He used html to call a javascript function (aka html dressed as javascript). He used the javascript to style the div (aka javascript dressed as css) and finally he used CSS to put the text in the html tag (aka css dressed as html).”

  17. A very geeky and happy Halloween to you :)

  18. Haha, that’s great! Good idea, Chris!
    But I hope, everyone who reads this, gets the deeper sense behind it; If you mix everything, it gets really scary – for others to read and for you to read (and to debug) your code – especially some time after coding.
    Happy Halloween!

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    This is great! Happy Halloween.

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    LOL, funny !

    For all the spanish people out there:


    El HTML, CSS, y JavaScript fueron a una fiesta de Halloween. Decidieron que irían vestidos cada uno como uno de sus amigos, asi que…

    El HTML fue de JavaScript:

    El JavaScript de CSS:

    var linterna = document.getElementById(‘calabaza’); = “orange”; = “black”;

    Y el CSS fue de HTML:

    #calabaza:before {
    content: “Feliz Halloween!”;

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    Great one, Happy Halloween.

  22. Tanya
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    Super idea!

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    I actually laughed out loud…does that officially make me a nerd? Haha, nice one Chris!

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    Nice. Very chuckle-worthy. :)

  25. Delorie
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    I enjoyed this post very much.

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    I think even my inner geek is cringing just a little bit…

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    how about the PHP as Mail ?


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    It doesn’t work in IE!
    Just kidding :)

  29. Happy Halloween!!!

  30. Ha, nice.

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    Your black pumpkin should maybe be orange with black font? If not I don’t get it.

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    hahahaa funny idea! COngrats

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    I lol’d. Very clever. :)

  34. This is a cute, im not sure how user friendly this is for a site that may get picked up by a person who didn’t build it, But i love the humor behind it, making the mundane a little more interesting

  35. Ha ha. And what will you come up with for Thanksgiving? Love being your neighbor in Nerdville. = )

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    Um, wow. This has to be one of the oddest setups I’ve ever seen. This goes against all the rules of web programming you learn in school, and gives you just the tinniest peek into what a really good web programmer is capable of. Really scary.

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