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Front-End Design Conference

Published by Chris Coyier

I will be speaking at my first conference ever! I'm really looking forward to it and I have already started preparing my presentation. It's going to be focused on jQuery and using it to accomplish things that CSS does poorly, can't do yet, or will likely never be able to do. Lots of real-world examples and implementations.

July 31st, 2009 - St. Petersburg, Florida

Speakers include:

Early Registration is only $99!

Full day of conference action for under 100 bucks (if you order before July 1st) Fantastic deal, I think. To be honest, I've never even attended a web design conference before just because of the crazy price tags. If I wasn't speaking I'd be going! Find out more at the website, and:

Register now

Let me know if you plan on attending, I'm sure there will be plenty of chances to hang out!


  1. Congrats Chris!

    Hope all goes well,

  2. Oh hey! I’m only 3 hours away……

  3. Man, that’s really tempting. Awesome price and a fresh lineup of speakers that I’d love to hear from. It’s a month after the conference we’re trying to put together here in South Carolina though and the week after my wife and I’s 6 year anniversary so I better restrain myself from buying a ticket. I know a lot of people in Florida, so I’ll do my best to promote it. Brake a leg, Chris!

  4. Florida… That’s about the other side of the world for me. Or something like that. ^^

  5. That is some awesome news. Congrats Chris~

  6. If it were here in Dallas, I’d attend. Afterward we’d partake in some beer drinking and possibly a couple jagerbombs. :)

    Congrats and good luck!

  7. That’s awesome, I wish I could be there!

  8. oo that would be fun! Unfortunately I am 5,268 km away (according to google maps haha)

  9. Sham I cant get there from the UK, good luck Chris!

  10. Good luck Chris, unfortunately the UK prevents me from going :-( will it be recorded?

  11. Paul Gendek

    I’ll be there!

    We’re putting together a free web design & usability conference in Orlando, FL on July 25th at the Downtown Library.

    We’re still planning a lot, but since you’ll be in Florida, would you be interested in giving a practice talk? ;)

  12. Snap, St. Petersburg?
    Oh, and it’s FortySevenMedia (not fourty).

  13. Hey Chris, I’m looking forward to seeing your presentation, and of course, meeting you too ;)

  14. Matt

    Looks like one of the sponsors (fanboy) tweets about your stuff a lot, Mr. Coyier.

  15. Can not wait

  16. Everette

    Damn, I would be there for sure if I still lived in Jax, only a few hours drive. But now it would take me five days.haha Hope it goes well!

  17. Any chance of heading down under to Sydney? :)

  18. I also would like to know any chance of heading to Sydney or anywhere in Australia.

  19. that’s great man, wish i could make it.

  20. Mateus

    Muito caro, deveria ser de graça, busque patrocinadores e faça um evento abeto a todos e terá mais sucesso.

  21. Great news. I live right next door in Clearwater ! I’ll be there.

  22. Congrats Chris! I only wish they had more conferences out here in Southern California

  23. Noma

    Too far for me; Or I’d love to go!

  24. Would love 2 join, but from Slovenia (Europe) it’s 2 far. Hope that you’ll post some presentations from conference :)

  25. St. Pete is not that far from my home in Jacksonville, I can’t wait!

  26. Wow! I’m in Tampa, right over the bridge. I’ll see you there!

  27. Will you be posting video from this event? hope so…

  28. Rockstar79

    Will the conference be suitable for noobs like myself? My experience is very limited to XHTML/CSS and a tiny bit of PHP.

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