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jQuery idTabs

  • # May 23, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Im using this simple jQuery plugin for a mouse over tabbed navigation

    It does the job nicely with one exception, on click I need items go to a new page, rather than showing a hidden div on the existing page. (I’m using mouse over to accomplish that)

    Because of this, id like to use rel="div_name" to show the hidden div as opposed to href="#div_name " as it currently does.

    Any Suggestions? Here is the function":

    //Setup Tabs
    var showId = function(){
    return s.change; //return if already selected
    var id = "#"+this.href.split(‘#’)[1];
    var aList = []; //save tabs
    var idList = []; //save possible elements
    if(this.href.match(/#/)) {
    if( && !,[id,idList,tabs,s])) return s.change;


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