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Published by Chris Coyier

For our Creating a Web App from Scratch series, Jason published a "Part 9" which covers the changes that we have made to Colored Lists since launching it. This includes some XSS prevention stuff, more sanitization, and some UI tweaks in how the add button behaves.

On my personal blog, I wrote up my experience last week of trying to switch exclusively to Safari as my main web browser. Notice the styling of the post is somewhat different than other pages of the site. That will be the topic of the new screencast tomorrow: applying unique styling to articles.

I approved the print proofs yesterday for the print version of the Digging Into WordPress book. It's pretty awesome, we are pumped about it. We are not taking orders for it yet, but should be by around the new year. We will be shipping internationally. If you buy the PDF now (or already have) you will be getting it at a better deal. I'll probably be announcing it here but you might want to watch/subscribe to the main DIW blog just in case.


  1. leo rapirap
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    was busy this few days and forgot about the series was completed already, anyways thanks for the link. I’ve downloaded the complete source files and checked out the demo and it’s cool!

  2. Seb
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    Something wrong with the log out page in colored lists… Refreshes, constantly, with no action.

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    Way more than pumped! =)

  4. Great..!


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    As I posted in Jason’s blog few minutes ago, I’m going to translate all “App from scratch” parts in russian for So if there will be any comments about what I may or may not do with it, you are welcome.
    Sorry if my punctuation is bat, that’s my weakness, I use it in rus grammar rules.

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